Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something to Enjoy in my absence.........."Go For It, Connect Four"!

Sorry for the inconvience people, but Lucky is going to be OT for a couple of days, but don't worry! In my absence, I will continuosly send my thoughts over the blueberry, but if you want to have fun, I bring you one of my favorite past times ever, Connect Four!

Connect Four

Friday, February 15, 2008

"I'm searchin, I'm searchin"

I once heard a poet speak on soul searching, but what's the use of searching for what we don't understand...she did this soul searching but was slowed down by a busy server, but what's the sense of searching for someone who didn't deserve her........who would rather service another then to spend some time to serve her....we are all accustomed to hearing of things that "we deserve", but when its all said and done, is this food for the soul reserved?..........for you, I wouldn't know, if the feelings could really be worth my time and your it worthwhile to show?........the answer to this question maybe yes or maybe no.....maybe day you may be my number one serviced and I keep all the side dishes.......aside......from all of this , may be I will earn your trust, your love.........your heart.......your server may be moving slow, becaused you googled "the one"........but after browsing a few websites and not finding what you're seek, you press look some pause and smile......guess what?.........your search is done......


This is dedicated to you who has lost faith in logging back on......thank you!

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My Birthday Is In March.....................I NEED THESE Vinyls!!!

I Love my toys..........I'm too grown to be playing with action figures, but the details on the vinyls and figures in my collection is "SICKNESS"......I have been searching for this vinyl collection (the whole set) for a long time, and I can never find them.....I love the Gorrilaz, and I am "feenin" for this whole set.....Kidrobot better stop playing with me!

Clint Eastwood- One of my favorite Gorillaz tracks!

Lucky Loves Art..............Mr.

For those of you who are close to me, you know that I am an "Art Fiend".....I am in complete awe when it comes to Anime, and how far advance creatively the Japanese are. Today, I just wanted to post some pics by one of my favs, Mr.....There isn't complexity, but fun.......Art is slowly backing away from complexity and abstraction into a fun atmosphere, Enjoy:

Consequence featuring John Legend- Feel This Way

Two of my favorite artist come together and create "G.O.O.D" Music:

Lucky Pic of the day....."Who put this thing together? Me, that's who! Who do I trust? Me!"

Ndubuisi Nwade from Queens, NY (I'm sorry people, but I had to do it)

Yesterday, I posted a picture of this gentleman, Ndubuisi Nwade. The pic posted yesterday was perfect for the weather, the date and the colors he sported were bueno.......Today however, you see Buisi in a new light, "Say goodnight to the bad guy"......This picture is just black and white, right? No, this picture is a statement.....From the print on the blazer to color of jeans chosen. B, you know I give you credit for being a well dressed man, but I know you didn't put this outfit together......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Want Those Flashing Lights......................Colin Munroe

Yesterday, I posted up the Kanye Teaser of Flashing Lights which I thought was excellent as far as what he's provided so far........But last night I kept kicking myself for not posting this Colin Munroe classic which I think is excellent in all ways possible......from theme, to colors and videography.....enjoy one of my fav. videos:

Carga..........Seriously, how sick are these bags?

Available at Takashimaya:
693 5th Ave, between 54th and 55th;

Christopher 19:
19 Christopher St, between Waverly and Greenwich;

Check website, click

"Designed by a Brooklyn architect, Cargas are ruggedly-chic, handmade shoulder totes crafted from the sort of construction materials you'd find at Home Depot....Each bag's cut from industrial wool felt (for lighter-than-leather sturdiness), riveted with aluminum (for tougher-than-stitching durability), and strapped with distressed leather (for looks). Each bag's available in laptop-friendly 11-, 16-, and 24-inch sizes, with the larger models sporting extra amenities, e.g., internal leather pockets, key hooks, and iPod/cell phone pouches that can be removed". Check out the pics below..........these bags are "SICKNESS"!

Lucky Pic(s) of the day..................Special Occasion...

Today is a special day people and since it is meant for two, why not?

Jeana Barthold from Queens, NY

"Sex in the City" is the one show that describes not just Jeanna's style, but the swagger that she and her girlfriends carry with them. This outfit is definately a double take outfit. The red cleopatra neck laced outfit is definately fit for a diva (notice the pose)....Her body language reads "tell me something good", not that the photog. opinion matters, because she already knows....she knows exactly what colors will work. The heavy hooped, gold ear pieces are perfect....bracelets that she chooses work as well. The ring on her finger is just enough and not too much.......the red outlined by the gold is perfect for her skin tone and props to whoever did the make up work....The hair ala you know who is sure fire..."Sexy" in the City is all you Jeanna , you're a showstopper!

Ndubuisi Nwade from Queens, NY

I've known this man going on 10 years now, and when it comes to putting an outfit together, he never dissapoints.......the boy has style, flare and commands you attention when he steps in the room (notice he does the same thing in this picture). The colors are not too abrasive or loud....simple. Clean cut is the hair cut, and like every grown man, he knows that your shoes and your blazer color better match up...The observant stance shows you that he appreciates what he is looking at, and is giving you a chance to appreciate him......Buisi, need I say more homie?

Happy Valentines Day..........A dedication of my Love to you....

Love is that thing which I thought was only created for those who cannot go through life without another........This was before I laid my eyes on you.....Loneliness was a burden to me, because I was left to carry it myself.......that was before you took that load off my back...As "Essentric" as Sam in Benny & Joon...I lacked the "Depp" to love you then....My chance still couldn't come any sooner....You're too far from sight and sound through a phone couldn't relay my thoughts as originally intended....I rather not spend this one day to tell you I do...I still have montains to climb, waters to swim and weights to drag just to get one more glimpse of you...So I rather not spend today telling you how I feel.....

This day is meant for two........It is shared by two hearts that work as one. We use words and gifts to show our significant ones how much we care, but why not just sit down and look into the eyes of who you share this day with and tell them how you cards, no gifts (have them stashed away to surprise her)....Just sit there and tell her....


My dedication song because I forgot how to truly tell you:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kanye West................Flashing Lights

I am extremely happy the way this video turned out. Creative genius is how I entitle this video....I don't know who to credit for the direction, but this is nice....If you don't understand the story or the way the theme is being relayed........hmmmm, I don't know!

Release Therapy..............

The other day, I was conversing with Nadege who views site on my personal works she asks......when can one see your work? I'd love to display my creativity but when I look around me, the desert sands stretch as far as my eyes can see......There is no life...everyone is the same..its dry as hell outside, yet my minds flooded with thoughts as if Katrina is on the brain....these ideas that are constantly critisized serve as food for the ignorant 1nes....who beside their pessimism lay wanting...needing...better yet praying for more....but after the brainstorm, it eventually dries up and we're back to square I even deserve an encore?


I'm having one of those days and only person that can describe my anger is Saul, Enjoy!

PUMA Sky................SPY vs SPY....

As many of you know, I am an "Art Freak"......from contemp. to abstract, I love it all. From photog. to spoken word, I love. A couple of months ago, word hit the net on a mind melt between Boston based Bodega and Puman on a design. The birth child of this friendship is the Puma Sky/ Spy v.s. Spy. And I have to admit, these are beautiful.....Enjoy!

If you want these, here are the locations.......anywhere else would be uncivilized:
Bodega (Boston)
Atmos (New York)
Classic Kicks (New York)
ALIFE (New York)
Premium Goods (Brooklyn)
Ubiq (Philadelphia)
Huf (San Francisco)
Undefeated (Los Angeles – La Brea location)
Livestock (Toronto)

"Lucky Pic" of the day..................."Heaven Only Knows"

Jeff Lindor out of Coney Island

"God inspires my style. He is perfect and oh so beautiful, so I want to represent him and reflect him to the best of my ability. I want his beauty to show in me internally, and externally".
Jeff Lindor

Jeff, a Coney Island native (stand up) is a "community organizer" who is involved in many Christian functions. He is a youth leader at his Church and serves as the Public Relations Manager for the United Caribbean Outreach Center. This brother has quite an impressive resume that not only includes what I just listed but his work within the United Caribbean Ministries Choir and continuously lending helping hands wherever the Lord leads him. The "Lucky Pic" of the day is usually one pic, but this man is truly in a class by himself and I'm giving him two....Let's look at these pics. Does he actually look like he tried hard to put these outfits together?and Do I seriously have to explain any of these pics to you. The boy has style.

Jeff, thank you for setting new standards..

Tre Dici...............Nice!

Tre Dici
128 West 26th Street
New York, NY
Check out website, click HERE

I trust my connections, and when I wake up and glance at the blueberry, I like what I see. I've hard about Tre Dici, but its all been speculation because the place just opened its doors yesterday! So I really don't have much to tell you about this place, but below are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I also I placed a link to the website above. Have I steered any of you wrong?........Exactly so enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Complex..............Come Join the Platinum Club!

1079 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10036
Check out the website, Click HERE

Complex, in conjunction with NYC-based sneaker retailer Training Camp, created an exclusive invitation-only club in New York. When I say invite only, I mean "INVITE ONLY"....It is an experience worth having though. You are chosen and given a celebrity treatment, because you are viewing the pages of complex on a live platform that many people will not have a chance at! Its as exclusive as being picked for "Lucky's Pic" of the day, dig? Below are a few pictures of the store (shouts to freshnessmag,because they're privleged enough):

Why I Love Blackberry's and Camera Phones!

Cheyanne Pace (random pic)

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So I'm sitting at my desk and getting ready to scream at an attorney in Missouri when my homie Cheyanne walks by with a very nice outfit.

What I really liked about this outfit is her comfort level in it. The jewelry is classy gold and she doesn't overdose on mixing too much. The boots, which I wish I took a better pic are also nice. This isn't the "Lucky Pic" of the day (see below for that), but when I see something I like, I post it (ie, the sweater vest pic).

Lucky Pic of the day.............."Beautiful Mystery"

I remember asking her something in the line of "What would you say plays and influential role in your style"? The answer I recieved was not really shocking, nor was the reasoning behind it. What was shocking was whom it was coming from. "U ever met someone that just by looking at them you say that you want o know more about them?.......I want people to look at me and say they wanna know what I am about". Now that we have her reasoning clear, lets work on what makes this look the "Lucky Pic" of the day, and I'd like to start with the colors she chooses; The fall brown is perfect with the jeans. The grey top lined with black stripes is simple enough to work under the jacket, but complex enough to stand out without. You see that scarf? You don't think she knows what she's doing? Jewelry is bare, and there is no need for it. I racked my brain for the longest to have an idea on how she was feeling to no avail, so I'm going to need your help. Look at what she's doing, and put yourself in her place and try to copy her facial feel that? How do you feel now?......... That must've been how she felt too!

"My emotions influence my style".......We feel you Nadege.

Check out these scarves from Jamie Geller Dutra....................Josh, you're crazy for this one!

I don't usually wear scarves, but I've noticed the shift in trend. It is not an uncommon thing to go outside and catch a man wearing a scarf with a pea-coat and your favorite brand of designer jeans. Nor is it a surprise to see a woman rocking a scarf that you have to ask "excuse me, where did you get that"........shouts to the homie Josh Spear who introduced this. Ladies, this is for you. Below are some designs by Jamie Geller Dutra, who is an Ithica, NY native (NY stand up). is an creative masterpiece. They're lable as "your place to sell anything hand made". These scarves are handcrafted, and hand painted, so when you're out and about and someone happens to notice, they'll know that you are rocking something that describes you, unique:

To check out the website, click HERE

Supra..................February Releases!

Do you know how long I've been dying for this? I honestly think Supra has done what so many well known sneaker companies have not, and that is bridging the gap between streetwear and formal. The Cubans (slip ons) below are pretty slick and are definately keeping up with what will be hot for the spring.

Supra’s Footwear line has grown from one or two models to a line of many, and all of them are unique in their own way, thus separating the line from your regular line of sneakers from all those big name brands. Supra focuses on the silhouette of the shoe as well as the smaller details in addition to coming up with dope materials and colors, which are carefully placed on each model. Here are two new releases from the Supra line, one being the Supra Vaider in Burgandy Red and Gold, which is the remodeled vulcanized version of the Supra Raider. The second release is the Supra Cuban, a classic slip-on with an added twist, available in White and Black; this slip-on isn’t your average slip-on as it features removable tongue flap and a suede upper with hits of croc leather. (shouts to Sneaker News and the homies at freshnessmag)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valley, "You can baby sit, do hair" and sell them thangs.......Your one stop shop!

Chinatown 48 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002 212-274-8985
For Website, Click HERE

Imagine a place where you can buy clothing, get waxed, enjoy the atmosphere and get your fingernails and toes did! Now open your eyes, and voila. Valley is a one stop shop that give you all that and more. The great thing about this place is that as budget and ghetto it may sound, this shop is pretty nice. The clothing are just ok, but the jackets, and the set up are actually worth your time. I've posted some pics for your viewing pleasure below and do not forget the website link above:

"Lucky Pic" of the day.............SoHo Classy!

Britney Dutes from NYC

Why is this the "Lucky Pic" of the day? Look at it again and, what does it say to you? Class.....This picture is one of a person who knows how to carry herself. In a room full of craziness, this is what "calm and steady" looks like. Her maturity level is shown through this pic. Lets start with the main color in this pic, Purple......As you can see, not only is the shirt purple, but she adds that extra with the purple beaded necklace. Acc. are once kept at a minimum from the ring to the bracelet outlined with various Saints (Britney, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that), and the rustic/ silver handbag...Even the hair is kept at a min, ala Anne Baxter (Look it up)...Lets say you don't agree with me, and You're probably saying its nothing much. Whats so special about her pic, huh? You think this, then you notice her pose, and how relax she looks in this outfit as if it was just her substitute outfit for the day. You're still not convinced, but then you look at the picture again and you see exactly what I mean when I say this girl's got class!

Thank you for being a "brand new classic"

Since when was keeping fresh such a big deal?

Yesterday, I had a detailed conversation with a close friend on titles put on people in not just our fair city but throughout the country. One of the terms we talked about was the term "Metrosexual"........What the H is that? I did research and come to find out, A metrosexual is a term or phrase generally applied to men with a strong concern for their apprearance.....a heterosexual man whose lifestyle, spending habits and concern for personal appearance are likened to those considered typical of a fashionable urban homosexual man.....I had to know since when was personal appearance such a huge deal? And ladies, how do you know if your man is a "Closet Metro"? Well beside shopping more than you and keeping up with the Jones', you'll probably find him using the following products in excess:

These are great gifts for your special someone....For more click HERE

Check Out Public School..........Available to you at Barneys on Madison Ave.

They say that clothes make the man and while the jury’s out on just who “they” are, that doesn’t mean you can’t take their word for it. Instead of standing around lolly-gagging, waiting for your manhood to be made by that ripped t-shirt you’ve had since high school and those corduroy pants you’ve been rocking since grunge was in, maybe you should just consider upgrading your wardrobe. We’re certainly not suggesting you enter the realm of the suit, we’re merely suggesting you get a head start on looking more say, 2008. Public School, the new men’s young designer collection could be the key to unlocking your fashion potential.

A Product of fashion industry veterans Dao-Yi Chow (co-owner of Miami’s Arrive) and Maxwell Osborne (graduates of Sean John U.), marries the highest of high fashion with the lowest of the low and takes on various influences in both art and culture in order to capture “the attitude and rebellious spirit of New York”. In fact, the brand’s logo, a black apple with a feather quill is meant to encapsulate the Big Apple’s “edgier side and an underlying quest for knowledge”. New York isn’t the only influence here though as the clothing melds European tailoring with the a Japanese streetwear sensibility.

For more, check out the website HERE