Monday, February 11, 2008

Check Out Public School..........Available to you at Barneys on Madison Ave.

They say that clothes make the man and while the jury’s out on just who “they” are, that doesn’t mean you can’t take their word for it. Instead of standing around lolly-gagging, waiting for your manhood to be made by that ripped t-shirt you’ve had since high school and those corduroy pants you’ve been rocking since grunge was in, maybe you should just consider upgrading your wardrobe. We’re certainly not suggesting you enter the realm of the suit, we’re merely suggesting you get a head start on looking more say, 2008. Public School, the new men’s young designer collection could be the key to unlocking your fashion potential.

A Product of fashion industry veterans Dao-Yi Chow (co-owner of Miami’s Arrive) and Maxwell Osborne (graduates of Sean John U.), marries the highest of high fashion with the lowest of the low and takes on various influences in both art and culture in order to capture “the attitude and rebellious spirit of New York”. In fact, the brand’s logo, a black apple with a feather quill is meant to encapsulate the Big Apple’s “edgier side and an underlying quest for knowledge”. New York isn’t the only influence here though as the clothing melds European tailoring with the a Japanese streetwear sensibility.

For more, check out the website HERE

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