Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Lucky Pic" of the day..................."Heaven Only Knows"

Jeff Lindor out of Coney Island

"God inspires my style. He is perfect and oh so beautiful, so I want to represent him and reflect him to the best of my ability. I want his beauty to show in me internally, and externally".
Jeff Lindor

Jeff, a Coney Island native (stand up) is a "community organizer" who is involved in many Christian functions. He is a youth leader at his Church and serves as the Public Relations Manager for the United Caribbean Outreach Center. This brother has quite an impressive resume that not only includes what I just listed but his work within the United Caribbean Ministries Choir and continuously lending helping hands wherever the Lord leads him. The "Lucky Pic" of the day is usually one pic, but this man is truly in a class by himself and I'm giving him two....Let's look at these pics. Does he actually look like he tried hard to put these outfits together?and Do I seriously have to explain any of these pics to you. The boy has style.

Jeff, thank you for setting new standards..

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