Friday, February 29, 2008

Grand Opening of Secret Society Luxury Streetwear Boutique

Secret Society - Luxury Streetwear Boutique
47-07 91st Place
Next Door to the Sneaker Shop
Elmhurst, NY 11373

To celebrate the opening, for the next 2 weeks, enjoy savings of 30% off on all things in the new store, 15% off all sneakers at storefront next door, and 15% off at its online store, by using coupon code = LIDNI262623. The massive sale event will end Sunday, March 16th. This looks sick, but I have to go see this place for myself!

This Has Got To Be A Shoe For The Ladies......

Shouts to the Good Folk at Sneaker Freaker for this one. Check out an interesting new concept shoe - the Dunk "Convertible". The shoe has been developed as part of the Nike Considered line and is thus manufactured in environment friendly materials and also features a flap on the heel, which let's you wear the shoe with flap up like a normal sneaker and flap down like a slip-on sandal.

I don't think I'd be caught in these........

"Whats Good For The Goose"................You know the rest!

This video is a tribute to the original Youtube video of Daft Punk's song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". The Youtube video shows two hands doing the whole track with their hands.......pretty amusing. So I guess someone figures, "whats good for the Goose is good enough for the Gander".

Kanye West: "Stronger" hands!

I am however still feeling the original..........This is faster, and "stronger" in my opinion:

Don't Have Any Plans This Weekend............G'on to a Shopping Spree in New York!

I'm not feeling too well today people, but the show must go on. Below are a few places that caught my eye for you to visit this weekend, enjoy!

A.P.C. Surplus
33 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I've actually been to this place so trust me, it is well worth your time to go and see if you can find something to your liking. At only 600 square feet, the space feels a little small in comparison to their Soho outpost, but they utilize it well with sliding walls and racks on wheels. Its modular design looks modern yet manages to fit well with the classic earthy tones that are a familiar part of A.P.C.'s brand identity, as well as with the old facade of the building.

28 Bond St.
New York, NY 10012

The new Bond store is chic as can be, the picture of Manhattan minimalism. Its white walls, distressed cement floors and high ceilings impart a Soho loft feel that’s undiminished by the streamlined layout. Simple chrome racks line the store lengthwise, bringing the focus to the sculptural shelving that runs down its middle. The clothes are equally focused on structure, dangling from their spare racks in interesting, attractive shapes with very little color.

3 E. 17th St.
New York, NY 10003

This spot is purely for the ladies but Fellas, you can have fun as well. Journelle is a womens Lingerie store that provides couples that intimate setting you both need to warm up a night/ evening in the city. Per the good friends at Metro, "Journelle gives Park Avenue girls good reason to venture a little farther downtown. In fact, ladies from all over town will enjoy stepping into the warmly outfitted intimates emporium, done in dark woods and deep purple accents. High-quality basics like British brand Myla’s black satin plunge bra ($165) line the walls alongside frillier styles from Paris line Princesse Tam Tam and lower-priced bra-and-panty sets from Elle Macpherson Intimates. Complementary items include Elizabeth Cotton pajamas ($195), laundry bags ($6.50) and gel cleavage cups ($44). The best part is, you try it all on in an enormous dressing room with adjustable lighting and plush seating for significant others".


I really don't know about these, but I can honestly picture an outfit for them....It's all up to you folks!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Two Fav. Videos Right Now...........Look at the style displayed in both videos!

Count & Sinden f. Kid Sister- "Beeper"

Estelle Featuring Kanye West- "American Boy"

Subscript Spring/Summer ‘08 Collection


"The Subscript Spring/Summer collection is looking rather hot and it’s gonna be tough to top this one. The collection includes all types of dope tees, hoodies, and outerwear. The collection should be hitting retailers soon if it’s not already in stock" (shouts to the good folk at Format). I can't say na'an except, this collection is looking nice for the spring.

KidRobot for the Ladies..................and the Fellowmen of course!

126 Prince St.
New York, NY 10013

Orisue Spring ‘08 Collection/ Lookbook

Spring is in the air beautiful people, spring is in the air. LuckysinLove proudly brings you some of the new stuff to drop from the good people at Orisue. I leave the comments up to you, enjoy:

Rocksmith Spring ‘08 Photoshoot...............I can't help it, I love this brand!

With me, its not about the hype on being an 80's baby. Its all about being comfortable with yourself. Rocksmith is NY2Tokyo comfort.....enjoy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quote................"The Greatest Mistake"

I choose a quote every day to give me some early food for thought. I was feeling no bueno yesterday and I hit a wall. However, I was saved:

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear you

will make one. ( here are my thoughts)

Mistake: error, fault, slip-up, inaccuracy. Lord have I made at lot of

those in my 21 years of life. In the past I have used mistake after

mistake as building blocks for the upsets of my life.......Worrying about not making another yet at the same time I was setting myself up for


Being the daughter of a junky I cling to the thought of me becoming a

junkie. How adaquete is this perception?….. I am my mothers child…

Are her mistakes my mistakes or do I simply fear the actions of her past?

Growing up wasn't fun but more often then less, it has shaped me to be

the woman I am. The inaccuracies of her life have yet to rub off on me

full blow.

By example I have not walked the path of error because I do not live in


Fear clogs the mind leaving you with absent hope…….It allows you to realize that you will never possess what you are willing to pursue……..

You must always be willing to go where you have never been, to create

something you have never had…that is life that is staring apprehension

in the face "shouting I wont be discouraged, I am not afraid of


I live my life by these words… " how you enter can decide how you

exit and I refuse to leave this place unchanged" the fear of mistakes

can tear those words out of my mouth if I let it…but I choose to chew

with my mouth closed.


¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)

(¸.·´ (¸.·'Toccara Ross

--ISU Women's Basketball


Thank you angel.........I needed that

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SugarHead Quarters..............Thats as much a crazy name as LUCKYSINLOVE

Sugarhead Quarters
174 rivington
New York, NY 10002

I've never been here, but this place was recomended so I figured why not share it with y'all, right?

Lucky Pic Of The Day....................."Oh You Mad Cause I'm Stylin On Ya"...........

Meghan Yarde from NY

What did you expect people? Could there actually be any other title for this blog. I have been dying to post Meghan's pictures and I had to pic the right outfits, and it had to be the right time. Lets start with my favorite part, her swag is so officially correct and I love it. I love the butterfly shawl, and I know the colors are kept at a solid in this one, but look're done?...Good, so I'm pretty sure you noticed it. If you're going to wear black, where it! She does great work with the acc. as well (left wrist with the rustic color of the pullover shawl).
Now drumroll please......Look at that patchwork. There is one word to describe this outfit, Fierce....I'm going to start with the dress, because the colors are the first thing to catch you. Now lets go to my favorites, the extras. The shoes are killing me....I love them. I love when a woman can pull off prints and notice how the shes easily match the dress (ahem, notice the pattern on the left shoulder)...The jewelry is not at a minimum, but just right. The wonder woman band stands out to me, and the extra bracelets are not crazy to distract you from her (thats the worse position people. Do not let your jewelry outshine you.) I love the hoops that she chose to go with so all and all, this was a no brainer to me.
I know many of you are shaking your heads, and saying "Why Lucky, Why?....Because she is comfortable with any and every outfit she rocks. Her swagger in this picture shows me that this is a one shot deal. There wasn't a do-over...this girl is confident when given the spotlight.

Thank you Meghan for "Stylin on em"........

Lucky Loves Art................More Wilfrid Wood!

"Frends inspire me, as do people on the street, pictures on the internet, freaks, contortionists, fashion, fat bodies, different races, sexy bodies, animals, androgyny and the East.......I don't understand those people who get inspired by drugs or alcohol; as soon as I have either I stop caring about my work entirely."

"People look funny. We all have the same basic facial features, but even then, it’s incredible how even just a slight size difference in someone’s honker can set them oceans apart from the next Joe Schmoe. Wilfred Wood noticed these curious anomalies, too. Part caricature, part figments of his imagination and part ideas gotten while working out, his sculpted interpretations of people, animals and creatures are his personal examination of the world’s individuals."
Joshspear on Wilfrid Wood's work.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"I Don't Want To Be An Icon......I Want To Represent Possibilites".....Will Smith

This is a video of Will Smith on the Tavis Smiley show. I need you to watch this video and pay close attention to his words. Will has become a household name. He was in the same position as many of us are now. A very positive and articulate brother, I appreciate this message and I feel it will help many who listen.

Cardigans, and Some of My Fav Sweaters From Karmaloop........


Thanks to my unending love for sweaters, After posting my Lucky Pic, I said to myself: "Self....lets go shopping for some cardigans". So I started my search with one of my favorite websites, and to say that I don't love this site is to say that Lucky doesn't love fashion. Here are some of my favorites, and you can help me choose which one to go for: