Monday, February 11, 2008

"Lucky Pic" of the day.............SoHo Classy!

Britney Dutes from NYC

Why is this the "Lucky Pic" of the day? Look at it again and, what does it say to you? Class.....This picture is one of a person who knows how to carry herself. In a room full of craziness, this is what "calm and steady" looks like. Her maturity level is shown through this pic. Lets start with the main color in this pic, Purple......As you can see, not only is the shirt purple, but she adds that extra with the purple beaded necklace. Acc. are once kept at a minimum from the ring to the bracelet outlined with various Saints (Britney, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that), and the rustic/ silver handbag...Even the hair is kept at a min, ala Anne Baxter (Look it up)...Lets say you don't agree with me, and You're probably saying its nothing much. Whats so special about her pic, huh? You think this, then you notice her pose, and how relax she looks in this outfit as if it was just her substitute outfit for the day. You're still not convinced, but then you look at the picture again and you see exactly what I mean when I say this girl's got class!

Thank you for being a "brand new classic"

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