Friday, March 7, 2008

Hellz Bellz Spring LookBook...........Enjoy!

Lately, I've been posting LookBooks from various brands that you're gonna want to know about. Todays LookBook comes to us from Hellz Bellz.


Puma Suede - 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute

PUMA will pay tribute to African-American athlete Tommie Smith with the release of these Suede Lo’s. At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Smith won the 200m race in record time whilst his team mate, John Carlos, took bronze. They both ascended the awards podium shoeless to symbolize black poverty. When the national anthem played, they proceeded to bow their heads and raise their black-gloved fists -a sign of the Black Power Movement.

The pair were immediately booed by the crowd and expelled from the Olympic village for bringing political issues to the event. They faced further ostracization upon returning to their homeland, as did second place runner, the late Peter Norman from Australia, for sympathizing with them.

However, the statement was seen by millions and made headlines around the world. It brought the African-American protests happening around America to a worldwide audience and went down in history as the 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute.
It seems a tad ironic that these kicks are meant to represent a specific moment in time where the people involved did not want to wear any shoes. Nonetheless, the upcoming joints look unquestionably hot, blending together solid colourways with gold accents and an allover embossed-print of a clenched fist.

WORLD PREMIERE.......Vids from The Roots, and Pitbull

The Roots - Get Busy (Feat. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Pitbull- The Anthem (I've been waiting for this one long time)

Broadway East...................Nice Place To Keep Your Cool.

Broadway East
171 E Broadway (between Rutgers and Jefferson)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 228-3100

"From a former chef of Napa's Domaine Chandon, BE's a veg-centric LES spot that makes itself approachably familiar to the everyman -- starting by eschewing the typical Krishna decor in favor of LES-chic trappings like exposed wood beams and a bar made from a reclaimed NYC water tower (shouts to Thrill)"....The only issue I've seen with this place is the menu which seems to service vegetarians more than anything. You can get your carnivore fixing in here as well, but I would stick with the Italian. it's definately a spot worth checking out!

Lucky Pic of the day..................Back On The Scene!

Johanna Desrosiers

It's 08, and Lucky is back on the scene with the team and pockets full of green.......joking people...I had to come back with a bang, and thanks to Johanna, I have two pictures that are straight FIRE. There are many reasons I chose these pictures and we can go from the colors she chooses, and how she matches them up with accesories, but you wanna know my main reason? She is officially "herself"....LuckysinLove promotes creativity and individualism, and she is displaying both of these in the pictures above. Her style is just that, "her style" plus lets face it, she's got a way with colors....there are clearly no gimmicks because the girl does her thing (accesories included)

Thank you Johanna for getting me back on the scene......

Vote For This Pic Below!

LuckysinLove Proudly Brings You Folk Clothing...................Simply Cool...

While a grown man might occasionally sport funky graphic tees, colorblocked track jackets, or billowing silken capes, the foundation of any wardrobe should be toned-down, high-quality basics. Get fundamental, with Folk Clothing. Launched in the UK in '05, Folk quickly established itself with its subdued classiness, its reluctance to chase trends has hyped up its staying power in such a saturated market.....

I Cant Forget You Ladies..........Here are two of my favs from Folk:


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lighting From The Folk at Re-Surface Design...................How Sick Are These?

RE-SURFACE produces a range of lighting and interior d├ęcor objects with design in mind & art at heart. Designs by Donna Brady (shouts to hq.

I Could Bag That.....................Lady Bags and Man Bags....These are Crazy!

I've been thinking about accesories for a while now, and I came to one conclusion, Lucky Loves Bags. I do, I do, I do-hoo.....I used to carry a brief to the office and upgraded to a messenger which was a more comfortable carry. For the Spring, I feel that the "Man Purse" and "Lady Bags" will make a big splash. Check out some of my favorites styles from Moop and CallieCo, enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"These Drunk and Hot Girls".................La, La, La, La.......

“I’ll sober up when I’m behind the wheel”

"We’ve gotta hand it to whatever agency created these ads for ARRIVE ALIVE, an anti-drunk driving organization that plans to install these stickers of—to borrow a phrase from Kanye—”drunk & hot girls” in sexually explicit states of drunkenness in men’s & women’s bathrooms in major cities in what must be an attempt to deter “Girls Gone Wild” types from getting behind the wheel after a nite behind the Margarita bong. We’ve already seen the men’s room version in person here in LA and can only imagine what homegirl must have been drinking to crawl into the little boy’s room and set up camp next to the urinals. The money shot is definitely the backdoor view of honey’s thong as she coughs it up in the ladie’s room stall. We can only imagine the amazing bathroom graffiti these sleezy decals are going to inspire…" (Shouts to Supertouch on this one)

“I just need to get it out of my system”

Terroir..................New Spot in NY folks!

Open today at 413 E 12th St, between 1st and A.

I'm sorry but no phone people, but this place looks sick! From the oeno-dude behind Hearth, this 24-seat vinoteca's pouring 24 glasses/200 bottles of new and old world wines, e.g., Monte Bello '92 (from Santa Cruz) and L'Etoile '04 (from the Jura region of France). Small plate highlights include duck ham w/ hen of the woods panini, iberico ham charcuterie, and turkey wings "agro dolce". (Shouts to Thrill on This)

The Roots- 75 Bars........How Sick?

This Video is Sickness, and the homie Black Thought goes off on this.......Seriously, how sick is this?

Nonnative Spring/Summer '08.................I Love The Site (and the clothing as well)

Japanese brand, Nonnative, released its lookbook for their 2008 Spring/Summer Collection. This season, Nonnative has used a lot of light weight fabrics creating items like windbreakers and light weight jackets. I don't have the lookbook for you to check out, but you have got to check this site out:


Ontour- Spring 08 Collection...................The Clothes and The Marketing is SICKNESS! presents to you the new Ontour collection for the Spring/Summer 2008season. As usual the brand presents a theme, which is this time S.O.S. Ontour and is carried throughout the entire collection and told with their products - a pandemic combination of Bermuda Triangles, Morse codes, S.O.S. Wurms, Tornados, Explosions and UFO Burgers...How SICK is this?(Shouts to the homies at highsnob for this one)

New Colorways for the AF/ JO Hybrids.................Thats what I call them, so g'on wit it!

Concepts will be releasing two colorways of the Air Force Jordan VII this weekend. There is a white/lime green colorway and a more classic black/white colorway. I haven't rocked a pair since High School, but I like this style oh so much.

Step it up for Spring People........................My Homie Sophie Be Giving Y'all The Game.............

Check out some of the picks my homie Sophie posted on her blog for this Spring.She definately has an eye for everything that is on the bubble for the fashion world. Check out her blog to see what look is coming up this Spring. Trust me, y'all don't wanna be out of it this year. here are some of my favorites:

Polos and Belts from Amongst Friends................Smooooth!


These are not part of the collection, but I just had to throw these kicks in because I see an outfit, can you?

Atmos North Face/ Spring 08 Jacket....................Not Bad, Not Bad...

"Atmos based out of Japan is known for its amazing collaborative projects with the various leaders in the streetwear community and entertainment business. Now we have a look at their collaboration collection with the North Face which is now available at select Japanese retailers including of course Atmos. The two styles that are used as a part of the collection are the Compact and the Dot Shot". (Shouts to Freshnessmag)