Thursday, July 31, 2008

Would You Call This Racism....Or Did I read Into It Too Much?

So here's the story; My friends and I decide to go shopping last Thursday in downtown Sydney, Australia (in case I didn't tell you where we were)....Now, before we head to the shopping district, we make a stop at a popular spot in Chinatown (I have come to the conclusion that every country has a Chinatown)....the first spot at the mall we notice is a Japanese toy/ video store, and guess what Lucky eyes? Vinyls...Artistically wonderful Vinyls, and you all know how much I love Art, and the whole Japanese/ Manga culture...oh and they had swords as well (see me below in my Go Go Gadget coat), since this was the first stop, I informed the store owner who was a very cool Japanese man that my intention was to purchase a few vinyls after I finish my mall shopping...he agrees, and we exchange info, and I move on.....Now at the end of our spree, I decided to head back and pick up the vinyls and maybe some anime (Naruto and Bleach people.....mind out the gutter)...The owner must've went to lunch, because I saw a lady that wasn't present before....So I approach the vinyls as a man of Asian/ Oriental descent was also looking at them....he chooses his, and as I pick one of my choices up and getting ready to pick another, the lady (store clerk) rushes to the glass display, takes the vinyl...shuts the glass more than one lock apparently, and finally locks shut a bottom lock....I stood there in amazement, and said "You know what, I'm good"....Now you tell me what happened...was I a victim in this case or is it just me....I posted some nice pics of the shop below:

I'll have another story for y'all tomorrow...


"Good Wood"- Skateboard Art.........Giving Back

Man, I love when art brings out "the goods"...."The exhibition brings together 45 different artists who’ve designed a stunning selection of decks. Styles range from collage, graffiti, acrylic, oil, ink, silkscreen and photography to sculpture. Some of the big players in the show include Chuck Anderson (No Pattern), Nathan Fox, Leo Espinosa, Matt Gordon, Don Kilpatrick and John Breiner"(Shouts to DART) as well as Fernanda Cohen. The great thing is this event will be benefiting Stoked Mentoring, a non-profit sports organization for youth, which will receive fifty percent of the profits from gallery sales.....I know I'm late with the poster, but its never too late people....go show some love....if not for me, do it for you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chromeo- Mammas Boy (You Freudian Psychopaths Are Loving This)

This is a siiiiick video (in a good way I mean), but I know this will be discussed for some time in Psychology classes all over the United States and even beyond....shouts to Chromeo for giving the people Art in more ways than one...oh for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about....listen to the song, again, and look up "Oedipus Complex"....if you still don't get it, I feel sorry for you!

Glue Jeans: "Sticky Situation" (Hey, I think I'm Entitled To One Corny Opener, ok?)

"Denim manufacture Glue Jeans does just what their company name implies: instead of stitching the denim together, they've glued it with a super holding glue. What seems like a cleaver gimmick actually looks really cool. Raw denim next to the heavy lines of red glue gives it a sharp look. It’s different enough to turn heads" (Shouts to JS). This product has been put through the tests for two years now, so I think they have a pretty good hold. I am more of a "Cut&Sew" type, but I like the look....not saying I'll try it, but I'm definately not knocking it!


Tony Ariawan: "She Haunts Me Everyday" aka Luckysthoughtsexactly (meant to do that btw)

I hate and admire Josh Spear for the same reason as everyone else. The man is credited as being a trendspotter, but I look at him as a "guru". He put me on this sick piece by Tony Ariawan. "Ariawan, using a simple vector program (and a little help from Photoshop), turns photos into what we think is either a photon ballet or a very sexy update to Tron". I don't think there is another person in love with Tron more than me.....or Tony Ariawan.


Exclusive From London Based Designer "Eyola": Victorian Style!

I know, I me, I know. Annnnnd Now, back to the fashion. Check out this sick collection from Eyola. You tell me this isn't hot....YOU TELL ME THIS ISN'T HOT!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


New post are on the way.....going through some technical fashion tips and art....tune in later this evening!

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