Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fashion for the Ladies............Check out "Soundgirl"

Just tops for now ladies, because I feel this is definately accentuates your shoe game and personality........more to come. Btw, make sure to cop this brand and more at

Soundgirl is a one-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired clothing line based in NYC. Aimed at ladies with a musical bent and a whimsical sense of style, the line includes a wide range of kicky knitwear (t-shirts and hoodies with prints so adorable they are almost edible), dresses and skirts that can be easily dressed up or dressed down, charming totes and accessories, and a full-on denim line. Soundgirl clothing has an obvious vintage flair, but also maintains its own unique sensibility.
In addition to being super-hot clothing line, Soundgirl is also a super-cool resource for girls who are into music. Over the last year has become a force to be reckoned with on the internet, not only offering up info on the latest collection of Soundgirl clothes and where you can find them, but also a new band profile each week. A weekly email newsletter blast includes record reviews, tour dates, contests, and updates on what’s new and happening in Soundgirlville.

Jay's got another one...........just acquired the beautiful brand "Artful Dodger"

Scion, LLC, a joint venture between Iconix Brand Group, Inc. and Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, announced that it has acquired the brand Artful Dodger(R) from Sovereign State, LLC. The purchase price for the brand was approximately $15 million, paid in cash by Scion.

Artful Dodger is an exclusive, high-end apparel brand sold in boutiques and specialty stores such as Harvey Nichols in the UK and at specialty stores and boutiques in the United States. The brand is named after the 19th Century Artful Dodger who led a group of cunning young men in mischief throughout the UK.

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They actually have some nice stuff:

Burj al-Arab......"But what about Dubai?....the Yacht is still on deck, retirement plan I dropped it on her neck".....

Burj Al Arab characterizes itself as the world's only "7-star" property, a designation considered by travel professionals to be hyperbole (figure of speach). All major travel guides and hotel rating systems have a 5-star maximum, which some hotels attempt to out-do by ascribing themselves "6-star" status. Yet according to the Burj Al Arab's official site, the hotel is a "5-star deluxe hotel". It is the world's tallest structure with a membrane fa├žade and the world's tallest hotel (not including buildings with mixed use) and was the first 5-star hotel to surpass 1,000 ft (305 m) in height. Although it is characterized as the world's only 7-Star Hotel, several "7 Star" hotels are under construction (trust, I will be posting up more)

Despite its size, the Burj Al Arab holds only 28 double-story floors which accommodate 202 bedroom suites. The smallest suite occupies an area of 169 square meters (1,819 square ft), the largest covers 8,396 square ft. It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The cost of staying in a suite begins at $1,000 per night and increases to over $15,000 per night; the Royal Suite is the most expensive, at $28,000 per night.

Suites feature design details that juxtapose east and west. White Tuscan columns and a spiral staircase covered in marble with a wrought-iron gold leaf railing show influence from classicism and art nouveau. Spa-like bathrooms are accented by mosaic tile patterns on the floors and walls, with Arabian-influenced geometries, which are also found elsewhere in the building.

Check out some pics below:

Swarovski Crystal Shower: I know you all love to show off, but seriously people.

"For a perfect bathroom decor you can choose between something good or the very best. Let's talk about the latter kind for now. This cool shower has 270 'precision-engineered spray channels' and a very royal touch to its design. The flow is illuminated with the help of an intensity that is somewhat like a 75-watt light bulb! Along with an adjustable light color selector, it comes with a specialized halogen light source. The choice of light colors is pretty impressive too! Here's one for those who seek luxury in all they see."

Crtsy of the homie

Nestle Chocolate Factory in Mexico is "ultramodern version of 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'.."

"Take a look at the most unusual chocolate factory in the world. It is the Nestle chocolate factory at Mexico! The brain behind this avant-garde ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ is Mexican architect Michel Rojkind. Since this plant churns out the most sinful goodies, the architect proposed creating a whole new structure to initiate the visitors into the ultimate Nestle experience. Situated along the main highway into Paseo Tollocan, the entire, horizontal sculptural structure has become an instant landmark. The entirety of Rojkind’s structure is rested on concrete pillars, raising the structure entirely off the ground. The multi-faceted structure creates equally compelling abstract spaces inside, housing a child-friendly visitor’s reception area, a museum shop, and a theater. From the outside, the museum, with its subtly zigzagging volumes, begins to look like a large abstract caterpillar, clad in red corrugated steel panels. Those who are wondering where the factory is, worry not; the building funnels directly into the factory, where the chocolate is actually made."

Pics & Description......Ctsy of

Friday, November 9, 2007

Another Bad Creation- Iesha

One of the best times I had as a kid was "mackin to shorties" using lines from songs........LoL, enjoy:

Grant Barnhart

Born in Topeka, Grant Barnhart (a.k.a. Tra Selhtrow) grew up in Lawrence Kansas. After attending Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, he moved to Seattle Washington to pursue an illustration and fine arts career. Barnhhart works with various mediums ranging from graphite and oil to screen-printing. Barnhart’s illustrations and artwork have been featured in diverse publications such as Arkitip, The Deal, Wax Poetic, L.A. Weekly, Law of Inertia, and d.i.w. to name a few. As Barnhart further establishes himself as an illustrator he continues to progress as a fine artist. Over the course of the last year an increasing demand for his talents have allowed Grant to display his work in shows in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Portland and Australia.

Barnhhart’s compositions layer graphite, ink, and oil into distorted narratives inhabited by lucid animals, humans, and often a cross between the two. Barnhart frames the subtle abstraction of human emotion into works that confide and conceal themselves before the viewer. Precise ink strokes are visited by unapologetic paint smears while faint graphite drawing fade into the background. Barnhart’s works exhibit diligent craft and an eagerness to explore the possibilities of his mediums.

Check out some of his pieces below:

Art By Wilfrid Wood...............

"Frends inspire me, as do people on the street, pictures on the internet, freaks, contortionists, fashion, fat bodies, different races, sexy bodies, animals, androgyny and the East.......I don't understand those people who get inspired by drugs or alcohol; as soon as I have either I stop caring about my work entirely."

"People look funny. We all have the same basic facial features, but even then, it’s incredible how even just a slight size difference in someone’s honker can set them oceans apart from the next Joe Schmoe. Wilfred Wood noticed these curious anomalies, too. Part caricature, part figments of his imagination and part ideas gotten while working out, his sculpted interpretations of people, animals and creatures are his personal examination of the world’s individuals."
Joshspear on Wilfrid Wood's work.

Crooks & Castles (check it out at

Oh Boy, It's my first fashion post.....I'm really feeling this brand for two reasons:
1) I am not a bodybuilder so the cut is perfect for me....
2) The artistic view of the designer is unique and simple enough for any season.