Friday, April 18, 2008

This One is For You Angel............

I met this girl from some time ago, and what I loved most....she had so much soul....not that neo.......but the old school lady-like that lets you know that she's not that type.....Voice soothes, like blankets to keep you out of the I ignore these drunk and hot girls because she provided that warmth......

Shouts to you Angel......keep up with the kid!

Out of Body Experience..........

I only chose this pic, because I've been dying to take one of these cliche "Profile Pics" for the longest sooooooooo click!

I've been extremely sick the last couple of sick that I only left the house once in two days....a romp through the City last night that led to nowhere, but fused two souls through the use of unexpectedness (I hope I placed that correctly)....I was left so down in the dumps that I wish I had a clone, or someone to be in my place.......because I was having such an out of body experience that when my mind was there, my body was not......I was time traveling while standing still (I hope it makes sense to you).....the last two days have been a time of reflection, because when you're bed ridden, what else is there to do?

Well is a celebration of creativity, and I truly apologize for falling off my high horse these last couple of days, because I know y'all missed me....because I honestly missed you too..


Aem'kei...................New Brand.....Well 2 you of course!

"going-away-gear with sci-fi nomenclature, e.g., "cliptor" shirts, "dartor" pants, and tees named "galaxior".......for you sci-fi addicts who somehow turned your computer desk into the cockpit of a spaceship, this is definately a good look...check out some pics from the collection below:


Adidas Originals..................Left, Right Project.

I first heard of this film project from Josh Spear, and I figured it would definately gain a cult following for a few reasons. The first being that the world is more art/ fashion concious now more than anything....and two, they're ADIDAS!

"Adidas Originals just updated a new Internet film on its recently updated website. Tilted the Left-Right Project, 3-minute clip documented an interesting challenge from adidas. First, adidas constructed 2 giant adidas Superstar models. Then, the company recruited 2 of the top artistic talents - Surface 2 Air from New York as representation for the East Coast (a.k.a. Left) and Upper Playground of San Francisco as representation for the West Coast (a.k.a. Right). The 2 teams had task of decorating both and finish at a set time. Check out the result of this friendly rivalry on the YouTube clip above." (Words from Freshness)

Nom de Guerre- Winter/ Fall 2008 LookBook............

I've been gone for 2 days people, and I apologize for this but your boy was definately under the the point that every single joint hurt, and breathing became a difficult task..........well good news Ladies and Fellowmen, will never abandon you EVER again.....

Back to the post, a while back I had posted this brand for one simple reason, I am in love with the fusion between high end catwalk, and military school....Nom de Guerre or "Man of War" for those of you who are just trying to figure it out is a brand worth not just a first and second look but maybe even a third....enjoy the pics below:


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is my idea of a gift with meaning.............No Canary Yellows here....HAH!

Thinking of a unique gift that is both artistic, and has meaning to it? Look no further than love blocks.Fellowmen, this is the type of gift that you ladies can rock with any of thier outfits and they can definately show off in front of thier friends. Trust me on this people, "iloveblocks" is definately a true artistic statement.
The big homie Josh Spear states "Graphic designer Irina Blok's handmade jewelry challenges the concepts of conventional jewelry by employing the use of Shrinky Dinks (a childhood favorite), her trusty Mac and the finest materials available, such as acrylic paints and leather and silk cords, to create an affordable yet trendy brand of wearable art that juxtaposes both natural and man made environments. While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, these Blocks prove much more versatile".

SpeakerDog.............This is a repost because I want y'all as addicted as me HAH!

Do you remember in Elem. School or Middle School when your teacher had you make those cubes for Math because you were studying Angles? God I hated that......but imagine making fun out of that.....I've been on this for going on a year and a half now........I have a sleeping disorder so staying up late at nights and drawing or painting beats going out every night, because I do have a career to maintain....Speakerdog became my vice or my escape from this disorder......I would stay up and put together these intricate paper toys.....I have them all over my office at work and in my spot as well.....The first three are a few in my office, and the last two are what I am currently working on......Watch, once you finish one, you'll be hooked


In my office....

I does this people (pardon my speach)

Who can see me.........and I'm creating some originals too!

Some Artistic Expression.....You didn't think I was only going to stick with clothing did you?

Fallon London the UK based ad agency that has worked with many brands including Budweiser, Ben & Jerry's teamed up with SONY recently for one of the most interestingly fun things I've seen in a looooooong time. They somehow turned the City of Miami, Florida into a foam city to illustrate that Sony’s digital imaging products create ‘images like no other.” I love art, and I really love an artistic commercial that uses soothing sounds and imagery to communicate with the consumer....check out some pics from the shoot below:


Monday, April 14, 2008

Lupe Fiasco.............Paris, Tokyo (FINALLY)

I'm sorry if I'm the last person who is posting this, but I needed a clear enough video......I don't care what Lupe says, but this reminds me so much of a track that "ATCQ" would've pieced together.....he is not biting however...lets say this one is a tribute!

SBU Fashion Post...............UPDATE....Shouts to Sopie on the Pics!

As many of you know, I am a glutton for punishment, and I love these college fashion shows for many reasons. The first being the relatively unknown designers that are used and the second for the faces that give identity to the pieces of art worn. Now the punishment part came in the wait for the show to start....I know the staff wasn't at fault, but almost 2 hours waiting for the show to start??? To add more pain to my already hungry self (I don't know why I didn't just eat), within 2 minutes of the show, I realized my camera battery was weak....and 30 seconds was homie Sophie of (don't forget to check that out), hooked me up with some pictures....whew!

I was honestly relieved when the show officially did kick off, because if it was a dissapointment, I am sure the crowd would've let everyone know. I loved the designers and the themes used to introduce the favorite was actually the mash house party opener, and of course a wonderful mash up where the dj was spinning an original track (ie. Daft Punks stronger, better, faster) and Kanye's sample to introduce a brand which as soon as I remember will be included in this post. What the show basically did was shine light on individual designers through the use of themes that included music, dancing and showmanship by the models. Overall, a pretty good show. Below are some of my favorites from the night (fashion show, because I didn't do the afterparty thing)........Enjoy!

Who doesn't love body paint?


I love her stance in this one........

I don't know this model, but she did something towards the end and the whole place erupted (you had to be there)

That look is SICKNESS (my term for something that is great btw)

Two of my favorite models from the night in the same pic (LuckysinLove...LoL)

Fellas, y'all definately did the damn thing but do to the lighting of the area, I'll have to retouch some of the photos to show y'all love on this one. Today is dedicated to the ladies of SBU....

COURVOISIER/ LRG - The Collection (When Alcohol and fashion make sense)

I know you've all seen these and maybe at one point cut the grass or did any manual labor with this one....a tee shirt with either a Corona, Heineken or Budweiser logo. The funny thing is that you don't even remember how that shirt came to be....This my friends is a completely different story....check out the collection/ fusion between Courvosier (mmm good) and LRG (definately feeling this brand)....Each article of clothing will adorn silhouette of Napoleon, who we all remember as the little guy who always kept his hand in his jacket pocket (a little man who also favored Courvoisier). Check out some pics below:

Spring is in the air.............everywhere you look around

Usually I shine the spotlight on a particular brand or a store.....but every now and then, I like to shine a different light...on a season or a certain look. My Sis and I are always conversing on things I can bring to the table for the ladies, and Lord knows I try....check out some of my picks for the Spring...just for you ladies.

"Laura" by Gentle Fawn

"Thread" by Gentle Fawn

"Candy Stripe" by Stussy Girl

"Jumanji" by Rojas (belt included)

"Saint and Sinners" by Obey

Do you wanna know prices and locations, leave a comment......

3sixteen...............I'm not playing people.......I'm stepping my game up big time!

Purveyors of classily menacing tees and hoodies, NY-based 3S was founded by a former IT consultant who now is bringing you "techie fashion" (my phrase again)...even though many of their tee shirts are graphic tee's (who isn't doing graphic tees?), they've also managed to bring you a nice variety including hoodies that are made of lightweight fleece sewn into black or "grey nylon aviator vests, and sport meticulously constructed hoods: triple stitched to fall gracefully, and surrounded by a reinforced, poppable collar"...these words were debted from Thrill (I couldn't find my own on that last line)

Every week, I've somehow introduced you to new brands that catch my eye. Although my views are merely subjective, the response I've been getting from you all have boosted my confidence and my love in the art and fashion world to the point that I am stepping it up BIG TIME....


The 3Sixteen Roxanne........This Jacket is so Sick, it deserves its own post....seriously!

Dunderdon.............Simplicity at best!

New York Flagship
25 Howard Street
New York, NY 10013
TEL: 212-226-4040

You wanna know how exclusive New York is? We are so exclusive that even though we are light years (in my opinion) behind Japan in technology and Europe in fashion, we still manage to be trendsetters. Dunderdon is a clear example. A brand originally created by a Swedish Carpenter, who originally wanted to outfit the workforce/ area with durable and dependable wear. Light years later, and we have a brand that hasn't really changed their mindset, but due to our ever growing demand in the fashion world, has gained a wonderful new following.
Now the New York flagshig store designed by Carlos Salazar, the creative director for Dunderdon’s Mens Collection(sick pants, trust me).....Hand painted pine flooring and simple interior that somehow replicates a traditional Swedish cottage (I had to google a pic just to find similarities)....Now the sick part is that not only will this store carry looks for both men and women, but they will also be not stray away from what gave them their lookout from the!

Check out these interior pics:

Some of my favorite pieces: