Friday, February 22, 2008

Lucky's Travels (Chapter one, part tres)

Damn this awful sickness that has suddently left me helpless with this contemptible feeling.........its a foresight, an intuition......a sixth sense.....I know that in her heart lies my destination and the end to this crazy mission.......but I stand hear in the downpour of my brainstorming, and "I doubt I can win?"

"This is all her fault".....I can't let go of her.......I really want my time to ber hers, and hers to be mine......but "What the fuck am I doin?" She is only one girl was the thought that went through my mind as I looked up and notice something weird........."a clear blue sky?".....all of a sudden, the downpour stops......the storm ends and she becomes the only thing I see....."clear blue skies?" I feel warm, and I don't really know where this came from.......but this renewed energy is exacly what I need.....

My feet splash in the puddles but my head is in the clouds,,,,"clear blue skies" is the only thing on my I run with my eyes wide shut......"clear blue skies" is what I hum.....I pray this dream never ends.....


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YesStyle Has The Most Fresh Clothing You'll See..............Sis, I know you'll feel this!

You have to visit this site, click HERE

"Japan has a rich history of faithfully and un-ironically appropriating outside influences, from gangster movies, to scratch DJing, to inhaling 60 hot dogs". The homie "Thrill" hit me up with this opener (I'm biting), and the link to the Monkey Business clothing line. I checked it out, was impressed, yet was still fell in love with the selections I peeped on this site, People, you be the judges:

The King Of RocK................................RockSmith!

Here are two of my favorite websites to find RockSmith either link below:

One of my favorite rappers in the game right now is Mickey Factz.....and rising star out of the NY scene.....He "RocksSmith"!....I fell for this brand a couple of months ago when I saw some stills from thier spring 08 shoot. Conceived in Tokyo and designed in NYC, Rocksmith's streetwear is visually influenced by the movies, music, and social trends of the mid '80s to early '90s (for gear influenced by the late '90s............Tee-stalgia includes Kid 'N Play silhouettes, Humpty nose-glasses, and an LL Cool J album title (Bigger and Deffer) overlaying the album art from Def Leppard's Hysteria.......Rocksmith's gear tends to sell out fast, as evidenced by the nigh impossibility of landing their Cobra Kai varsity jacket -- a holdover from a time when no matter how deadly the insects, all your problems could be solved with a crane kick (shouts to the homies at "Thrill" for the work).

Lucky Spotlight........................"Worth A Thousand Words"

Today is my day to showcase the talented right out of our very own back yards.......I'd like to start off with a very good friend of mine, Ms. Beverly Meneses (we went to H.S. together, but it took my Sis to reintroduce us), who views the world in a way you cannot, because then who would view you! We were actually talking about what I can use as far as color is concerned on my site, and we just started conversing on the state of music, life and of course Art:

Lucky: What, did you expect me to post your pics with no info?
Ms. Bev: Aight go ahead

Lucky: (Laughter)............a simple question to give me insight to how you think: What are the inspirations behind your pictures?
Ms. Bev: mostly color. how certain colors mix and blend and contrast with one another.....people, lifestyle..most of the time.. the things that i see and perceive that are beautiful .. most people dont...dude is it one of those pics that my cousin is in?

(y'all know I had to do it)

Lucky: you want that posted?
Ms. Bev: Nah I was just curious if that was one

Lucky: I know you are a huge music fan, fill me in on what you listen to on the typical:
Ms. Bev: Old school and hip hop ranging from the 70-s to mid 90s...funk, soul, break beats, old school r&b....r&b from the 90s....salsa, merengue, bachata, to dance hall, to reggaeton to jazz and classical.......of course underground hip hop with exceptions to certain hip hop artists out right now...I love common, the roots, talib kweli, kanye, pharoahe monch, little brother and ghost face

This Reminds me Of Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

Lucky: Nice collection............I'm pretty sure these sounds play a huge role on your work, right?
Ms. Bev: Yeah because id rather go roam the rural areas, projects, and take pictures there then go take pictures in long island. Id love to go to europe and take pics of writers tagging up trains .. justl ike how martha cooper use to do back in the 70s and 80s when people were actually capable of tagging up trains then

Lucky: Nowadays with the resurgence in "Retro", do you feel that era will ever get its due?
Ms. Bev: With the way music is now and what this generation considers as "music" probably not. Then again with artists such as john legend alicia keys, they bring that old type of soul feeling

Lucky: You grew up in Queens....What led you to Photography??
Ms. Bev: Yup queens villlll. I guess being around the camera since I was young and if it wasnt me behind the cam taking the pics, it was my parents shoving me in front of the pics.

Lucky: When did you notice your talent in this field?
Ms. Bev: Eh I guess I really started getting into it 2003
Lucky: Almost 5 years later and voila, right?
Ms. Bev: Yup... pop goes the weasel. I own like 6 cameras

Lucky: ..............they all operate perfectly right?
Ms. Bev: Yeah but now my shutter on my 35mm canon ae-1 is acting up so i gotta get that fix (goes on a rant) freaking self -timer man.. one minute its working and the next its not.
Lucky: Since I know nothing about cameras............I'll just nod, ok?
Ms. Bev: (Laughther), ok!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lucky Pic of the Day...................."Express Yourself"

Salvador Tiu Jr all over NY

Today, I'm feeling more Artistic..............what better way to describe that feeling? Double the fun on the Lucky Pic of the day....I am a sneaker fiend and music is the fuel to my life....So when I see people dressed like 50cent today, and trying the Kanye and Pharrell the next day, I'm kinda dissapointed...but then I look no further than my city stalkers (God bless y'all)....This choice was pretty simple, not just the colors chosen, but because I've know Sal going on 10 years now, and one thing I can tell you is the homie never, ever, eeeeever poses to be anyone else but Sal (btw, look out for "Hoodman")...........No need to explain the pics today, because many are trying this look out, while the homie lives it!

Thanks Sal, for "expressing with your full capability"....Look it up folks!


I've never been a big fan of make up....simply because I love a woman "au naturalle", but who am I to comment? Beauty must be appreciated and artwork as well. What better way to appreciate both than to see them on a woman. The following pictures are of make up done by Ms. Alexandra, who'll you will have to get at on her services (trust me) at her email: gets it in people. When I asked her what inspires her work, her response was simply, colors. Colors......hmmm, I honestly didn't know what to think, that was until I saw these:

"Colors"..............By George, I think He's Got It!


World NYC
187 Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002

World NYC is a "small upstart streetwear shop selling difficult to find lines from around the world- hence the name. also carries a wide range of unique and deadstock nike sneakers". Basically, they're hot man! I've been to this place, and I gotta admit, the items are definately rare and worth the double take. Enjoy some pics below:


Incredible! from kwest on Vimeo.

Lucky 's Travels.................(Chapter 1, Part 2)

Now its strange how fast your feet carry you when you're chasing someone....I mean, your heart is always leading your feet on..yet your thoughts travel faster and further than you can, but you pray that you're not on a wild goose chase, especially when your boys told you that you're slacking major over a "bird"....but the sad thing lies in the fact that I'm willing to go for it...."I mean shit, we're on the same page....the same music, and taste.....she likes everything about me, and doesn't even make fun of my nickname"....... so I guess we're birds of the same feather....I'd only hope that our similarities and our loves in life would enable us to fly together....anticipation slowly building and is only being pushed by I flew out the door for those eyes, those lips.....I dream of all the things I love about her.....the bond is so strong, but I'm too far.....not long...will I have a chance to meet them....

Out the door, down the steps.....up the block, I'm going fast.....blood rushing, heart pumping....all for you sweetheart....I'd give my left anything to be with her was what I usually said, but since actions speak louder than words....those earlier comments fell on deaf ears.....damn its raining and my thoughts are still running, causing these drops to actually hurt..."what the hell is happ'nin here"...forget that, I only have an hour and these two to carry me there....brainstorming...added to the drops soaking the ground.....has me soaked with something I never felt during our original conversation......."what ifs" became the norm, and "maybes" started to harm...."oh no, I'm actually in doubt".....gone is the sweet melody, now welcomes the pain.....only made stronger by more and more thinking of her hurting and not really wanting me in her life.......I hung my head low and the pain kept striking my head, chest feet, jacket....mounted to the point that it toppled on me......"Ahhhhhhh"........"This hurts too much"....this mountain didn't do its left me longing for her even more....

Does that make sense to y'all?

OLANA.................An Exclusive Spot To Visit In NYC

Opens Saturday this Saturday
72 Madison Ave, between 27th and 28th;

Named after a Persian fortress and cheffed by a French-trained Italian, Olana nonetheless serves up "modern American" eating. I don't know much about this place, but I've also read that Olana also offeres a private dining room in back that sports a working fireplace and a flat panel TV stashed behind a painting......This place should be on your "to visit" list....

Kanye West.........Can't Tell Me Nothin (My favorite version)

Shouts to Supertouch for this one! This video of “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” featuring the equally brilliant Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham. Kanye actually agreed to this vid and added his genius to it as well......and it's actually pretty good!

Be Kind, Rewind...................How would you like to be the star?

"French arthouse director MICHEL GONDRY calls DEITCH PROJECTS home when he’s in NYC, so it made perfect sense upon his newest film’s release this week, “Be Kind, Rewind,” that he should recreate the movie’s artfully low-fi sets within Deitch’s cavernous exhibition space and allow fans to run amok, shooting their very own movies as they went, thus transforming the art world into a “fun” place, if only for one nite. Gondry’s transformation of the space was complete, right down to the gallery’s facade which became the movie’s video store for the occasion and in turn drew a line more than a block long that lasted throughout the evening, despite the subzero temperatures outside. That’s dedication"(shouts to Supertouchblog).I honestly cannot wait to see this film and the "Mighty Mos" with Jack (Nacho Libre is ridiculously funny) Black make a wonderful odd couple for our generation. What a wonderful way to bring bring art to the masses:


Lucky Pic of the Day.................."Legend" in the making!

Isaac out of Baldwin, NY

The Lucky Pic of the Day usually falls into a few categories, and from my descriptions and titles on the pics, you should know. Now look at the title on this you think its justifiable? I do! I know you're probably thinking "he's just posing" or "does he really dress like that?"......If you have to ask, you're definately not a New Yorker.......This kid has style down to a point that you'd think he is out of his mind. He doesn't wear what you wear, but wears his personality. From these outfits, you can sum up a few things: 1) He has a weird way with colors (yet they look good on the kid), and 2) He wants you to look.....The swag is there, and the look is there......No sense in me telling you what I think he's thinking......just look at the expression and the obvious confidence.....I doubt this guy needs a mirror...

Thank you Isaac, for being unique......

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.............Purple Alamode!

Sophie out of NY

With outfits like these, are you surprised I picked two pics? Well don't be, because from now on, Lucky is going "all in". Sophie is one of my favorite fashionista's, and I am diggin her style tremendously. From her blog (don't forget to check that out), to her eye for everything that is "bound to be" hot. A woman well ahead of her time in the fashion world, with a penchant for telling you what it really is. I don't think I have to explain to you why I picked these outfits, from the laker gold and purple to the purple dress outlined with the shoes, handbag and na'an too much jewelry, she is definately "doing it".

Sophie, thank you for keeping it oh so "FRESH"....


I grew up on this show, and I looooooooove cars. I don't know how many of you grew up on cartoons, and Speed Racer is (nacho libre voice) "da best". "Go Speed Racer, Go".

Emerald Rose Sale........................They refuse to conform to the norm!

Emerald Rose Sale
Thru Feb at 231 Eldridge St, between Houston and Stanton

"Emerald Rose Boutique is a shopping experience designed for individuals who are willing to test the boundaries with their classic pieces.
Like you, we are tired of the fashion uniform the average person marches through life with. As such, our offering will allow you to stand out from the crowd with class and sophistication. Emerald Rose will enable you to manifest your own fashion sense and individuality.
We have honed our craft through years of shopping in boutiques and stores across the globe digging in the racks trying to turn lead into gold. Now we offer you our chemistry set so you can perform your own alchemy".

The clothing is tough, and they bring you a fusion of simplicity and complexity and it looks bee-u-tiful. Check out some pics below: