Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Lucky Pic(s)" of the day....................Special Occasion

As many of you know, this site is starting to draw attention and I thank you who are reading this now for that. Yesterday, I didn't post up my "Lucky Pic" of the day for many reasons, and one of those reasons was positive feedback. My email was flooded with emails from people who are starting to notice what is about. So for today, I am posting up not one but two of my favorite pics from yesterday.......Drumroll please.....Ladies and Fellowmen, I bring you "Luckys Pic(s)" of the day:

Bradley from Jamaica, NY

What makes this look good? In all honesty, the kid brings it in this pic. The shrug clearly shows you what kind of swag he has. It simply says "what else did you expect?".......The argyle is a clear definition of not just char. but sophistication. He picked the right size in the argyle because we've all seen people with either too baggy or it just doesn't fit correctly. Acc. are minimum if any. The spread collar shape that works for all ages and neck shapes and lastly, the big knot on the tie (clip-ons are no bueno). Of course I saved the best for last, the biltmore style hat (I don't know if its a pinch front) that he clearly purchased to go along with this ensemble.........

Thank you Bradley, for keeping "your cool

Kim From Long Island, NY

"Oh how sweet it is".........This is one of those pics that you on first glance brings a smile to your face. 1, because she is doing the cliche "peace" sign and 2, because you can tell she is joking with the photog. But, you look at it again, and you notice something; this girl is "cool".......She is that girl, "FRESH".....Peep the colors, simple right? No, these colors are nicely put together......lets start witht he shirt in the true blue and the simple jeans, to the acc. that show her char. The simple bangle earings, and the necklace to the bracelet. But then youlook at what all these things match up with, the UGG boots.........the rustic outlined in blue all over match not just her jewelry, and true blue, but Kim.......These boots are not just hard to find, but hard to match up with.

Thank you Kim, for staying "true", dig?

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I know that nigga in the Grey