Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Check out these scarves from Jamie Geller Dutra....................Josh, you're crazy for this one!

I don't usually wear scarves, but I've noticed the shift in trend. It is not an uncommon thing to go outside and catch a man wearing a scarf with a pea-coat and your favorite brand of designer jeans. Nor is it a surprise to see a woman rocking a scarf that you have to ask "excuse me, where did you get that"........shouts to the homie Josh Spear who introduced this. Ladies, this is for you. Below are some designs by Jamie Geller Dutra, who is an Ithica, NY native (NY stand up). Etsy.com is an creative masterpiece. They're lable as "your place to sell anything hand made". These scarves are handcrafted, and hand painted, so when you're out and about and someone happens to notice, they'll know that you are rocking something that describes you, unique:

To check out the website, click HERE

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