Friday, March 28, 2008

Gorrilaz- Clint Eastwood........"I'm happy".....

Today is My day, and if you don't like the Gorrilaz.....something is wrong with Yoooooooooouuuuuuu!

Triumvir Spring 08 Lookbook............

Triumvir presents their new Spring 2008 lookbook on their website. The collection offers a nice mix of t-shirts, cut & sew and denin that definately are worth the peek. I know many of you have been knocking the post lately, but look at what we've been accomplishing here........we are promoting individuality/ creativity at its best, and i feel Triumvir is one of those brands you need to keep an eye out for.


Mishka Spring '08 Lookbook - "PoP RoCk"

"Mishka’s spring line will offer a diverse array of apparel and accessories for each buyer. At the heart of the collection are several Death Adder themed pieces ranging from a nylon coaches’ jacket with sleeve appliqu├ęs and full back embroidery to simpler items like raglans, cardigans, jerseys, T-shirts and shorts full of subtle, but menacing details.

The Mishka Spring 2008 collection is available now at the Mishka Pop Up shop (located at 218 Bedford, Williamsburg) and other select stores".


Y's Mandarina Mens/ Womens Spring & Summer 08 Collection....

Y's Manadarina is an on going collaborative lines merging the minds of Yohji Yamamoto with Mandarina Duck. As stated on their site, "Y's Mandarina reflects the dynamic deisgn aesthetics of Y's combined with the utilitarian element of Mandarina Duck. The fusion brings a new dimension of fashion to the heart of their technical world." The Spring/Summer 2008 mens collection is everything we would expect in travel goods from this tag team. Of particular interest is the "Big Shopper, " the "Backpack," and the "Zipped Wallet." (Words from HighSnob)

You all know how much I've been searching for the perfect messenger bag.......I think I may have found one!


FiberOps.......................Spring 08 (That Old School Blues)

FiberOps, founded in 2002 by Alyasha Owerka-Moore and Tabo Kagaya was a brand originally catered to a fashion focused Japanese markets. The brand focuses on tee's and wonderfully crafted denim, and has recently stepped foot into the U.S. Market.....check out some pics below:


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Place to Visit.......................Nili Lotan Design Studio!

Nili Lotan
188 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013

I loved these two pieces so much that the moment I laid eyes on them, I was thinking about sharing them with you.......Nili Lotan, has worked been a figure in the fashion game since 1980....She has worked in NY as a Senior Design Director for brands including Nautica and Ralph Lauren, so you know her game is precise and collection unique. Her creative approach is a hybrid between the uptempo New York trendsetter and the feminine qualities that shine through with every thread.


JT would've gotten knocked out...............LoL

One of my favorite movies of all time...........figure I post this today, enjoy!

Check out the Spring Wear Available at Boundless...................(JayZ voice) Brooklynnnnnn!

I got the sickest tip yesterday..........Once again, thank you homie. The Spring Collection available at Boundless is pure Sickness........I posted some of my favorites, but you'll probably have your own pick!


Graduation Album Listening Experience Videos (Part3)

I refuse to act like Kanye West is the biggest thing in music, but his eye for Art in todays game is unmatched. His music goes hand to hand with his appreciation for the arts and fashion. Thanks to the homie Trav who put me on this one.......This video is pure SICKNESS, and since I am a huge fan of Tron, I figure I post this up and see what y'all think........Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BrickBreaker Defeat....................New Score 10,520....Take That Lagis!

My boy Dean and I are proud BlackBerry users, and for all of you BlackBerry owners who are always traveling or out and about, you know about BrickBreaker! The most addicting game period..........I just beat his score, and my new high is 10,520 and I reached level 18.....

Check out his face when he sees my score..........Priceless!

If you don't know about BrickBreaker, step ya game up.....LoL!

Lucky Pic of the day...................Sunday Best!

My Sis And Her Girls (Easter Sunday)

Before the hate is spewed by some of you......I need you to pause and think for a minute about what you wear to Church (if you go to Church).....Remember the video for "So Fresh, So Clean"?......the Spot wasn't a club or a party, but Church.....When we go to Church, my people show off. The congregation is the audience and the Priest/ Pastor is the grand marquise.....We do it for a cause greater than any you can go'n!

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I Really Can't Stand Reality T.V............and I just found my new target, BET!!!


I remember a time when BET stood out among channels as a channel that provided quality programming, and not playing up to stereotypes.....We did have our quirky shows such as Hits From The Streets, and I know you remember the digital diva Cita....but BET is no longer that channel...We are offering programming that is not only playing up to the stereotype of Black People through the recycling of MTV shows that targeted a suburban lifestyle, but making the "Gangsta" or "More Black"?

My first target to shoot at is this season of College Hill........Last night, my homie Ashley and I conversed on this one....Instead of providing a program that shows College Students actually studying or going to Class, we are showing them wasting grocery money on strippers, fightin, cursing like they have no sense, and of course partying........I was watching "TruTV" when I flipped the channel to this BS......Beside the quality specials honoring legends in the game, and Meet the Faith (two things that show positivity for black people), we have nothing of quality on this channel........This is what happens in College on Reality T.V. people.........forget pursuing a degree when you can just make it rain, and listen to producers yell cut, and ask you to liven things up........I will continue this assault on BET, and I will need all of your support on this one......if we stand for nothing, we'll fall for everything and honestly we're on one leg now!

Why eat, when we can hire strippers for the night?

Why not join them, right? There goes the theory of Women being smarter than Men, huh?

Silas Spring/ Summer 2008 Lookook(s).............I didn't forget about you ladies!

Man, I love being the dude to new aka is the "debut dude"....or "Senor Debut-naire" (LoL). On the serious though, you have to check out these look books from the good folk at Silas.....the look is what I like to call "Punk Preppy", and for the Ladies they fuse Simplicity/ Classiness with a zest of me on this people!



Converse/ Lupe Fiasco- Product (ReD) Chucks...........THESE ARE SiCkNeSS!

I hope you all remember the post I did last week of the Dr. Romenelli band-aid inspired 1Hund(Red) Chucks (whew), because theeeeere's more! I told you to look out for all the artist inspired chucks (My favorite kicks of ALL TIME of course). Thanks to COMPLEX on this one, because LuckysinLove with this one......the issue is that Converse has not scheduled a release date on these, and I'm kinda bummed out, because its for a good cause and I am 100% sure that this sneaker will garner so much attention that it will outsell any others in the market, period! Check out the pics below:

Royalefam Spring/Summer 2008 Collection........................Sorry, but I had to Jack this one!

"We present you the new Royalefam Spring/Summer 2008 collection - Black Saigon. The line is purely influenced by military aesthetics and an interpretation of war and death. The collection consists of t-shirts, shirts, hoodies and jackets and is all cut & sew. Most of the collection comes with a used look, washed out colors and lots of other nice details including custom tags.
All in all a nice collection by Royalefam, a brand created by iconic sneaker customizer SBTG" (words from HighSnob).
Usually, you know the kid can bring you exclusives from my own warped mind, but I was beaten to the punch by the vets in the game.........this collection is pure SiCkNeSS for those of you who prefer to show your dark/ "grey pride", this is not a bad look!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Atrium.....................Shopping Spot For You Trendseekers (Come Join Me)

Atrium NYC
644 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Atrium Miami Beach
1931 Collins Avenue

Brands ranging from 7 for all mankind to Blue Blood, Atrium is one of those places that needs to be visited. I will be on South Beach Memorial Day Weekend, and My Sis and I plan on hitting up the shopping scene to see what the MIA has to offer......


Redman- Smash Something

I am a huge Redman fan, and I just wanted to share this one with y'all today. As usual, music is my push everyday, and this is definately a hot cup of folgers for you sleepy heads...(I'm a Funk Doc Fan.....step it back, LOL)

nvsbl Tailors....................Spring 2008 LookBook (Art Meets Fashion....Dang I love it!)

You're probably asking yourself "why has lucky posted this picture for this clothing brand?" or "I thought he wouldn't post any nudes on this site?" would be correct on your assumption if this is your first time on this site. If it isn't, you know that LuckysinLove with creativity, individualism and all out risk taking. Invisible Tailors takes this to a whole other level.........


Lucky Pic of the day.....................A Family Affair!

Kerline out of MA

You didn't think Family would be exempt did you? I've been in my thinking tank for the last couple of days, thinking of ways to bring you the best of I've been trying to stay current with the pics and getting everything from meetings to interviews together, and I will be posting up a few this week as well.

As for the picture, I bring you another member of my family.....My cuzo gets down in this picture. Its simply white because she did it for Easter Sunday, but the splash of color is na'an too bright to throw you off, but just enought to grab your attention (ahem, the olive shoes).....She gives you just enough. The hair is cool, more of a "soho bobb" (Lucky's term), and the make up is simple enought to highlight her features and not too much to put a mask on her. I love the coat...Innocent with the look, and simple with the colors....this is just a taste for y'all, because this will get even more beautiful tomorrow.

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Spring 2008......................MaMa Clothing

New Era caps, Maritime themed shirts and clothing that have you singing the tune to Popeye the Sailor man, and beautiful women marketing it.........LuckysinLove with MaMa....Pure Sickness people!


RedWing Outwear..................I actually can't wait for this!

I was doing my usual web surfing and phone tapping and came upon this interesting Article on Redwing introducing an outerwear collection. The funny thing is that they're really known for their workwear, and boots, but word is that they are actually looking to hit the contemporary, ahead of the game in style market.

"NEW YORK — Red Wing, a venerable maker of high-grade, steel-toe work boots, is debuting a line of outerwear, marking its first push into apparel and highlighting the label’s growing cachet as a lifestyle brand.

Made under license with Richlu, a Canadian workwear company, the leather coats and jackets, launching this fall, may look tough, but the range is squarely aimed at the company’s new and growing customer base: the fashion-forward, contemporary market.

Long a staple for construction workers and farmers, Red Wings have unexpectedly become the It-boot among the trend-conscious. Three years ago, the fashion set in Japan and Europe “discovered” the boots, lured by the brand’s apple-pie credibility and rugged designs, and suddenly hip boutiques in Tokyo and Paris were calling the company’s headquarters in Red Wing, Minn.—a town of 16,000 located on a tight bend in the Mississippi River, 60 miles south of Minneapolis—for product. Red Wing had done no advertising nor pitched fashion editors" (Words By Brenner Thomas).

ClawMoney.....................When Creativity Breaks Barriers!

NYC graffiti legend Claw is what many artist should aspire to be. Known for her upstart as a legend in the graph game and designing work for Nike and Adidas. She also played stylist to many stars as well. The clothing is basically a collection of her signature graph work that fuses the styles of uptown and downtown. She has a sick collection ranging from tees and hoodies which are emblazoned with her signature claw graphic, plus everything from cheeseburgers to teddy bears. You can also check out the sick eyepieces on this site........."gives you that old school hustla" feel. Check out some pics below:


Monday, March 24, 2008

Progress........................My thoughts!

My blogger buddy Raquel Carter wrote an interesting piece on her subjective views on the todays politics. Her writing, though subjective stirred up wonderful conversations.......after reading her piece by clicking HERE....Wonderful thoughts btw, so much that I had to send her my response on the subject. Better yet, my subjective views on what I'm sick of.............enjoy!

"What many people call 'Progress' is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance.....your words are incredibly powereful but the things that get me tired is our constant dependancy on politics, and our continuous blaming of one side on the lack of change in our society.....I am not a republican, so my being affected is not happening.....
Your words were in my opinion geared more towards the war than the state of our current society, but what happens now that Mr. President done sent our brothers and sisters to war? Should we pull them out immediately and leave that country to ruin? What are we going to do with the billions we've invested in the war, is it all for na'an?
Before I contemplate a change in office, I prefer a change from within. A change in thinking among all people within our age on how we can make change without worrying about the change in office. We should change what we are doing in this world; ignoring so many things for things that have little meaning. I don't see why we are giving pop icon status to an escort, or why the religious views of Will Smith or the escapades of Britney Spears really matters........we have the continuous troubles of Dafur....the people of Haiti who are so in turmoil that they are eating dirt cookies and are not being fed.......the Iraqi refugee crisis.....drugs being sent to our Country via submarines......the islamic militants ravaging Somalia........This continuous attention we pay for uselessness leaves me begging for change because in the absence of right, what do we have left?
I guess we have our mtv's, our bet's (same damn thing as the previous)....our tmz's our vh1's when what we lack is the r-e-s-p-e-c-t for our little 1nes being raised in this world that glorifies Paris instead of providing them the tools to dream of traveling to Paris.....glorify Beef, but fail to provide that protein the underprivalaged......give privalages to those who break rules, and continuously make rules to protect those who overstep their privalages......I'm sick of this presidentail race turned soap opera/race war....I'm sick of pop culture becoming the agenda for the days of our lives....I'm sick of people complaining about change while sitting on asses....I'm tired of my life being a never ending story of being tired that I feel like a mater what revolution, I end up in the same position...

Basically I'm sick of living and having a veil put accross my face......rather than have my eyes jaded, I rather keep them closed.....out of sight, out of mind is how I prefer things to I live in my mind where I can see clear blue skies, because that is the heavens cannot be tainted by man...."


Kickin it Old School..........................Loop Design....

These Boom Box Bags from the good folk at Loop Design come with Working Speakers. How sick are these? I honestly feel that only certain women can rock these properly:

Ghetto Red Hot...................I know you remember this one!

During the times when music was cool to listen to. When Nas was what Lil Wayne is to the new generation......before the "Youuuuuuuuuuu", this was the type of music that would be played during cookouts as well: