Friday, March 14, 2008

I woke up in a good mood this morning...................until I saw these two videos!

LuckysinLove embraces creativity and we strive to go againts the norm of ignorance and stereotypes. Men, please take care of your women and your kids....Ladies, please take it easy for the sake of your health and for your child.......We really have to step back and look at ourselves and honestly take blame for this one. When the Bill Oreily's attack our culture, our youth and upbringing, we need to have something positive for them to look on. Please, this is honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen (shouts to Nigel at RealtalkNY for this).....I really can't believe this bull.....For the sake of Womens History month, lets stop this people.....

"People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves".

Salma Hayek

As for the Cherry on top....I refuse to express who I am picking for this election, but seriously people we need to unite, because if we cannot stand together for something, we'll fall for anything....period. The comments made by Pastor Manning (I'm pretty sure that's his name) are so ignorant that the young men and everyone around him are literally cracking up behind him. Ignorance is bliss, and Pastor Manning is living in his own piece of Heaven right now....what a jerk!

Some of My Favorite tv shows Growing Up...........Part 1 LoL!

I am a huge movie buff, but whenever I don't have a dvd in the player, I turn on the tv, but last night I was flipping throught the channels and I had to ask myself: "Self, what is going on with tv?" I woke up this morning and figure I compile some of my favorites growing up.......these is only part one!

Ghostwriter (I really enjoyed this one)

Reading Rainbow

Doug (The first interacial cartoon I enjoyed)

Darkwing Duck (Name one better)

My Brother and Me!

Power Rangers...........Now I look back at this..."we need teens with attitude"..smh!

Superhuman Samurai (don't judge me, because you had to at least watch one episode)

VR Troopers (I wanted this one to actually work, but man it sucked)

Big Bad Beetleborgs (what else can I say about this that hasn't been said about Iraq!)

Chip n Dale/ Rescue Rangers (Loved this one)

TailSpin (Forever a favorite opening)

Rocksmith Spring '08 Delivery Lookbook.............

Check out the 2nd phase of the Rocksmith Spring 08 Delivery........The Lookbook this season includes many fresh material including a white Baracuda Jacket, D-Block Paneled Hoodie, Eazy E T-Shirt, New Wave Polo and the Uptown Jacket, which comes sleeveless entirely made out of nylon. The choice of materials and styles is very innovative this season and of high quality.

The second delivery of the Rocksmith Spring 2008 collection is getting into stores in the next 2 weeks. This basically means that you better get yours before nothing is do remember what happened with the Kobra-Kai Varsity by Rocksmith, right?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trailer for the New Incredible Hulk...................I Can't Wait!

I am what some people (haters) call a nerd or geek. I wear glasses, and yes I do enjoy wearing clothing that fit, and I can speak without asking "nahmean". I love cardigans, sneakers, and I grew up on cartoons, comic books in the hood. I love comic books and this year I am in great spirits.....Iron Man, The Upcoming Batman (RIP Heath), The Watchmen movie in 09, The Wolverine flick (with Deadpool & Gambit), and of course our favorite Green Man "The Incredible Hulk"....I liked the premise of the firs CGI movie, but they could've done better..........this Hulk doesn't look too bad at first glance....only time will tell!

Ankle Boots...............................Thanks to Sophie For This One!

I was watching one of my favorite programs (Full Frontal) on one of my favorite channels (Ultra in HD of course), and I noticed something that allt he fashionistas had in common......a love and mention of Ankle Boots.....So I thought to myself "Self, who does this remind you of?" and the first person I could think of was my homie Sophie who had posted some nice Ankle Boots on her plog (meant to do that) . So I came in my office this morning and wanted to post up some nice Ankle Boots from the good folk at NaNa, enjoy!


New Balance MT580J (Spy VS Spy)......................SICKNESS!

"After the release of the Bodega x PUMA Spy II High collaboration last month. New Balance Japan is bring out their version of the Spy vs. Spy. Based on the MT580 model, the Spy vs. Spy Pack will consist of 2 pairs: white overlays on black mid-sole (WK) and black overlays on white mid-sole (KW). While the white (WK) version will include a red dynamite on the heel tab. The black (KW) will feature red bomb. 3 key technologies were also added to the MT580J. Mid-sole made from ENCAP polyurethane technology intermixed with C-CAP EVA material provide a durable yet lightweight foundation. ROLLBAR, made of graphite, further give the MT580J added lateral support. Both sneakers will be release by Tokyo’s mita-sneaker on April 3rd".
(shouts to Freshnessmag)..........btw, do not forget who showed you the Puma "Spies" first....ahem!

For you exclusive fiends out there
mita sneakers
4-7-8 Ueno
Taito-ku, Toko, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3832-8346

Lucky Pic of the day....................Its A New Day People!

Ernest Estime (all over NY)

Usually the question is; "What Influences Your Style?", but in this case I didn't feel there was a need. Andre Maurice Press is quoted in stating "Vibrance, Style, Eloquence, and Humility are a few adjectives that come to mind when the name Ernest Estime is said", and after a brief convo online with this man, I have to agree. Todays Lucky Pic does not have a full body picture which I usually go for, but it has a person who is doing so much and accomplishing so much at a young age. You don't believe me? Then check this out; He started down his thoughts in September of 2006, and within 3 months of this, he was finalist at the Urban Word NYC Grand Slam. Want more? He is now a member of the Suffolk County Community College Poetry Slam Team, which will be competing in New Mexico for the national collegiate slam in April 2008.

Check out this video of the kid doing his thing!

Don't forget to cast your vote on Ernest!

Lucky Loves Art...............Mark Jenkins the "TapeMaster"

"At 37, Jenkins supplies a catalogue of work that most artists spend a lifetime creating" (shouts to format). And No, he doesn't need to bite any other artist namely Harring and Warhol because the man's got his own style.
Mark Jenkins Tape Sculptures and Street Installations are Insane! Seriously people, imagine walking down the street and seeing some of these things........As a matter of fact, some of you have prob. have already fallen victim!

PegLeg/ Spring 08 Collection...........


I've stated this over and over again; I am not a Retro Kid and I don't rock the bright colors that many people do, but I will continuously show respect to those that do. There are some of you out there who can pull these looks off.....This is for you:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day..............Sometimes A Girl Has To Do It!

I will not go into detail on this picture because it needs no description. What I will say is that she will be posted as a "Lucky Pic"......nuff said!

Imagine walking through Grand Central During This!

How Sick Is This?

Heath Ledger Tee Shirts......................These Are Rare People and In My Opinion, Worth Getting!


Maharishi/Dr. Romanelli Designed These Lupe Fiasco Jar Tour Jackets

I know many of you were knocking the Lupe Album and the man in general, but the logo/ design on his album "The Cool" is forever etched in my memory as classic. Check out these jackets, SICKNESS!


Linda Farrow Vintage Designer Sunglass Series

For many of you, this "80's babies" thing won't die! I have started my "Millenium Millionaire" movement and for those of us who are not addicted to an era for fads, but for style, I bring you these Vintage Sunglasses designed by Linda Farrow. British label Linda Farrow Vintage features an irresistible selection this Spring Summer 2008. The haute couturiers of eyewear have lined up a selection of impressive designers including Bernhard Willhelm, Jeremy Scott and Raf Simons. I've listed some pics below for your enjoyment:


Linda Farrow Vintage/ Raf Simons

Linda Farrow Vintage/ Jeremy Scott

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 For Designers, Artist, Models!

I have been exposing many of you to underground and up and coming designers in the game. And for as long as I can remember, these post seem to attract the most attention, but what about you independant designers? I want to post up more inner city designers and many of you who are displaying style, but just need that platform for your art......I will continuously post new styles and brands for your enjoyment, but I will be searching for new ishh....New designers, new models, new artist (poets, abstract, music)......LuckysinLove with creativity and I will make sure that you are all witness to this!


BTW, this will not be limited to NY, because I've been getting slack for this lately.........LuckysinLove with creativity from all over.....

Lucky Pic of the day......................."Mood Music"

Brooklyn's Own Berlinda McIntyre

My usual question "what influences your style?" was met with a response that I like, "my mood". I picked Berlinda for today because of this reason.....As cliche as this sounds, she wears her emotions literaaly on her sleeves (pun intended). Now we go to the pics that I chose: The first pic is clearly a lesson in hues and color.......the colors are simply white and grey, but the hue she chooses in grey is definately it. The shoes are on the 1 (mine and mine to use you biters) and you know I enjoy her acc. in this picture. The shoes are insane, I'm loving the belt and the handbag is sickness. So now, lets review: shoes (fire), handbag (insae), belt (sickness) and necklace is the cherry on top.
What I love is how easy she makes it can learn a lesson from this. The other two pics are added, because of how easy she makes it look (even though the third is a model pic)..Gold to accesorize the late summer/ fall colors.....Now you tell me, what kind of mood do you think inspired these outfits?....These Colors?

Thank you Berlinda, for keeping your cool!

Now its up to you people..............go'n vote!

Raheem Devaughn- Customer

I know I'm late on posting this, but this song has a special meaning for me just for today of course....Enjoy!

Ubiq/ Cactus Sunglasses

"Japanese sneaker brand Ubiq got together with clothing label Cactus to work on some eyewear. The frames are all handmade and for the start they are offering three colorways. They will be releasing the sunglasses March 15th (shouts to highsnobiety)"

Malcolm Frontier...........................In My Never Ending Search For A New Messenger Bag!


As many of you know, I love to accent an outfit, and with men an acc. is a completely different from a female. I've wanted a messenger bag for the longest and many of you know I've been trying for the longest to find the best possible bag. Well shouts the homie Thrill for this one, Malcolm Frontier bags! "The brand-new Malcolm takes messenger bags to the next level by merging superior organizational/spacial capacity, unique, durable materials, and sharp, urban looks (or, what you get when you have loud cellphone convos about St. Bart's on the bus). Available in both white and chocolate-tan, the sacs range from the streamlined Entertainer to the cavernous Agent" which means there is no such thing as a "man purse".....cause I'm gettin mine, you better go'n get yours....Enjoy:

Monday, March 10, 2008

If You Grew Up In A House Without Cable..This Was Our BET/ MTV, "Flava Videos".............Enjoy!

I grew up in Springfield Gardens, Queens and for those of us who weren't blessed with having Cable at a young age, this is for you. I grew up with music and there is no greater love for me than remembering sharing a room with siblings and being the only one up late to watch video music box, or being the first one from school who finished his homework and turning on Flava Videos to see Bobby Simmons doing his thing. If you grew up on rabbit ears and not cable, and you love music and remember these shows, this post is for you!

Bobby Simmons Killing this one......



Lucky Pic of the day.............Purple Alamode! (I had to Repost This One)

Sophie out of NY

With outfits like these, are you surprised I picked two pics? Well don't be, because from now on, Lucky is going "all in". Sophie is one of my favorite fashionista's, and I am diggin her style tremendously. From her blog (don't forget to check that out), to her eye for everything that is "bound to be" hot. A woman well ahead of her time in the fashion world, with a penchant for telling you what it really is. I don't think I have to explain to you why I picked these outfits, from the laker gold and purple to the purple dress outlined with the shoes, handbag and na'an too much jewelry, she is definately "doing it". I reposted this one for two reasons. The first being that I wanted to post this ruffle pic for a long time now, and because I've noticed the success of the poll....

Sophie, thank you for keeping it oh so "FRESH"....

Vote For This Pic Below!

Cry Wolf........................This is not a Story People!

Cry Wolf
111 St. Marks Place
(Between 1st and Ave A)
New York, NY 10009


"A tiny, chandeliered EV boutique purveying a rarified array of gear/kicks/accessories, CW's the first shop from a former model and his architect wife -- she designs beautiful things, and he is professionally handsome. The natty includes perforated leather bombers from NY's Public School, knee-length shorts and hoodies from Belgium's Junk de Luxe, and jeans from Sweden's Denim Demons -- carried nowhere else in the US" (shouts to Thrill). This place is brand new to you and I, trust me. From what I hear, they have exclusives that are not available anywhere but overseas. As many of you know, we are light years behind Europe and Japan in the worlds of art and fashion, but "Lucky" for you (pun intended), you can always check this site out for your exclusives on where to shop for (nacho libre voice) "da best"!