Saturday, February 9, 2008

FUERZABRUTA.....................This is a Repost, because y'all just don't get it, do you?

This is the next show on my calender. I am a huge fan of art and broadway shows, but when a show comes from Argentina, and it boasts a cast of unknowns willing to risk life and limb for your entertainment, does it get as big of a buzz?

In this case, yes. Fuerzabruta aka "Brute Force" is a show that stimulates your senses. It's an hourlong show that keeps you on your feet (you don't have a choice on that). It's as if you are a club goer who just happened to be stuck in a rave, but everything around you is moving with no one acknowledging your existence. It's trippy.......LoL.........I've posted some pics and videos for your enjoyment!

Check This Video Out...........CRAZY!!!

CLAE..................THE RUSSELL!

The Russell is not a sneaker.....It's not a shoe. What can it be? The Russell is described as a hybrid and since y'all loved the spring collection I posted a couple of days back, I bring it back, come rewind. Check out the colorways on the Russell, SICK'NIN:

If you want exclusives to add in your closet space, click HERE

"Oh My Goodness, you have to tell me what had happened"

I'm sitting on the LIRR right now behind two of the most abrasive and outspoken black females I have ever encountered. I am in no shape or form an eavesdropper, but seriously, how loud and foul mouthed can they get........Every fourth word is a bleep........."HELP ME BABY JESUS"!
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Spring 2008......................ALIFE Footwear

ALIFE did the credit card commercial and as expected, everyone called them sellouts. The thing is they never dissapoint when it comes to exclusives products. Check out some of their up and comings for the spring 2008:

Lucky Pic of the day.............When Did We Stop Smiling in Pics, huh?

Mayzie From Brooklyn

Colors are pure perfection in this picture, because she clearly knows what colors will sit right on/ with her. From the shoes (rustic gold) the the jewelry which is kept at a minumum, to the knited top that is just an addition to help define her style. I could go on a rant detailing every single thing in this picture, but I'd rather not go over EVERYTHING. First thing I need you to look at is the header on this picture, then I need you to look at what she's doing in this picture, smiling. Smiles have actually become rare in photography, and when you do see them, they actually looked forced. Does she look like she's forcing this smile?

Thank you Mayzie for being truly happy!

I Need A Vacation.................Someone Take Me To Okeanos!

Okeanos Spa/Banya
211 east 51st street new york, ny 10022

"A visit to OKEANOS need not be a solo trip. Come with friends and colleagues. Enjoy traditional communal rituals and modern spa therapies. Escape the way men of power have for centuries.

OKEANOS may have its foundation in tradition but truly it is a modern retreat welcoming men and women who connect with our message of authenticity and integrity".

I have a lot of traveling to do this year, and 60% of the trips are business related. I am sitting in this office 12hours a day, and I am in need of some relaxation. A friend of mine gave me this contact, and I'm not a spa guy, but damn it looks good. Enjoy:

Check out the website, HERE

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Places to take that special someone on Valentines Day............

I know Valentines Day is a week off, and some of you are thinking "who cares?". To answer that question, many people do care, and if you're going to do it, please do it correctly. There is nothing more unatractive to a woman than a man who doesn't have a plan when taking her out on Valentines Day. So I figure, let me help you out a bit. Call any of these places now, and not only will you reserve the romantic table your girl craves, you'll also avoid the predatory gougings of ubiquitous mandatory prix-fixe menus. Enjoy your options below, and be sure to check next week for more:

79 Macdougal St, between Houston and Bleecker 212.260.0100
Dine up front in the mirrored-ceiling, Pullman car-style dining room, or in back at the darkly be-velveted bar.

Le Cirque
151 E 58th St, between Lexington and 3rd; 212.644.0202
This gilded French resto's high-ceilinged, open dining room still oozes big money. The last Le Cirque was housed in the grand, pseudo-European confines of the Villard Houses. The new one sits on the bottom floor of the Bloomberg corporate headquarters and looks out over an impressive stone courtyard surrounded by a curving fa├žade of glass and steel.

38 8th Ave, at Jane; 212.366.6633
Sporting 50 seats and two bars, this bustling, inventive Italian spot's celebrating VD with "Wines of the 90s"; just add a few extra ingredients and your night is sure to be "the best"!

Hudson River Cafe
697 East 133rd St, at 12th; 212.491.9111
Hit this way-uptown cafe's heated patio for resplendent views of the GWB, the shores of Jersey, river flotsam. This alone should win you some points to start off the night.

121 W. 10th St, near Greenwich; 212.645.0018
Hit this intimate, ivy-frilled Aussie spot for dishes like herb-crusted rack of lamb and prosciutto papadelli ( I checked with that name and believe me, it sounds the way it looks).

Check Out These Hats From StillLife.................

A fashion trend that was oh so popular in the days of vaudeville and somehow became extinct in the mid 90's has been slowly coming back. When you looked around New York in the fall of 2007, you noticed something different, hats! Hats where being worn again, and when I say hats, I am in no way referring to fitted Nu Era caps. I am talking about Derby's, Fedora's, Baker Boys and even Bins (LL used to rock em) are all coming back. So in honor of such a beautiful happening in our lives, I woke up this morning, put on my derby and figured I do this, enjoy:

Check out the website, HERE

Lucky Pic of the day!

Carl-Henry Ceant from NY

What makes this outfit suitable for a "Lucky Pic"? If you seriously have to ask, then you're never going to get "it".

Lets start with the slacks; The color can be duplicated, but when he adds that sweater to it, nice look. Accessories play a huge role as well. Peep where the phone pouch is, that was actually placed there on purpose. The glasses, designer frames and the watch, c'mon? What really had me choose this pic was the tie. To pull off an outfit with colors that are supposed together is cliche, but to add that one element or color that attracts your eyes from the outfit is brilliant.

Thank you Carl for letting me use this pic!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ylli Fall Clearance Sale.........................Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So!

Designer Clearance Sale
up to 80% off
0n MOST items

Including men's & women's apparel,
shoes, lingerie and kidswear.

MON-SAT 11:30-8:30
SUN 12-7

*Note: More items available in store!

For more information, please call us at 718-302-3555

Check out the website, HERE

Lucky Pic of the day!

Christina Adolphe from Queens, NY

Lets start with what makes this outfit/ look oh so nice:

a) Swag- She is carrying herself with the "There is no need to tell me what I already know" vibe, that is apparent in this pic.

b) Comfort- How easy does she make it look?

This look was put together by Christina Adolphe. The midway cut on the belt. The shoes. The heavy-set gold bangles are timeless with this look. The colors she chooses accentuate her skin tone and face it, she is doin it!

Oak....................They Just Opened a New Store!

28 Bond St, between Bowery and Lafayette

Have I steered any of you in the wrong direction? No......I just got this email when I stepped into my office this morning and I had to post it. Oak has a new store for you to check out. As many of you know, Oak is where you will find many of the brands that are worn, well known, but not mentioned in your circle of friends. This Brooklyn clothier carry dark threads from Acne Jeans, Opening Ceremony, hats by Victor Osbourne and many more. I've posted some pics below, and a link to the website........Enjoy:

For more, click HERE

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Let's Shake Things Up A Bit..............................

I am tired of seeing the same clothing rocked by the same type of people. You know, the type that buy designer jeans, sag em like Juelz or Jimmy but don't seem too comfortable in what they wear!
I am officially changing the whole interaction between the wonderful world of internet and all of you...............The contest is for "Lucky's Pic of the Litter"......I'm looking for the most fashionable..........the most creative sylistic person that is expressing themselves with what they wear. No nudity or "Booty Pics" please. This will be for the grown and sexy, the 80's babies who've grown to be "Millenium Millionaires"(trademarked so don't try it). I will start posting pics this coming Sunday, so voting will commence Monday. Go and tell it on the mountains. There will be a monthly winner, and a cash prize sent to the winner.

Aim: LuckyMcLuvin

Any questions or pics (with email or aim for applicant) can be submitted to:

The World As Seen Through Your Mouth..........Justin Quinnell

As one of the world’s leading pinhole photographers, Justin Quinnell takes the technique to new extremes. The results are surreal, revealing, and hilarious. He captures on film his visit to the dentist, portraits of friends and family, and the everyday acts of having a bath, cleaning his teeth, and eating his dinner. More surreal are the landscapes, the icons of world travel; included are the Lincoln Memorial and the Twin Towers

Photographer Justin Quinnell captures these interesting perspectives by placing a pinhole camera in his mouth. Art has always been a true love of mine and I really enjoy reading on new artist and this one grew on me because you never really think about viewing the world from that perspective.

Justin Quinnell is a recognized expert on pinhole photography and has tirelessly promoted it for over twenty years. He regularly lectures on it........"Watch Ya Mouth"!

Check the link below for more:

A Chill Spot For You Mature/ Sophisticated Smokers???

Inside Nat Sherman: 12 E 42nd St, between 5th and Madison; 1-800-MY-CIGAR

I do not smoke, and I most definately will never be a fan of someone blowing smoke anywhere around me, but I was pleasantly surprised by this spot. Step into Nat's elevator, and descend into a dimly-lit, slate-floored lounge stocked with premium liquor and plush chairs/sofas; adjoining is a wood-paneled, climate-controlled room honeycombed with rentable humidors, each holding up to 300 cigars, a few already reserved for luminaries like Joe Torre, Robert Downey, Jr, and various celbrities. This fact alone makes this spot worth the visit. It gives you the feel of "Old New York"......A city with enlightened gentlemen who can sit back with a "fat one" and converse on prosperity and good times. Lucky may hate smoking, but he loves good times.

Visit the Nat-Sherman website for specials HERE

It's a Blessing that I care so much!.....................Check Out the BBlessing Web Shop

Manhattan's Lower East Side has become synonymous with shops that fuse serious fashion and art-driven culture -- and while you dig clothes, without the cheap crack, it's hardly worth the trip. Feed your wardrobe needs online, at BBlessing's new web store. This Lower East Side boutique offers styles that are similar to what you may see in Paris (Pa-ri), who are usually light years ahead of us in fashion. I've posted some pics of what you can expect at the shop below.

For more, click HERE