Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lucky Pic(s) of the day..................Special Occasion...

Today is a special day people and since it is meant for two, why not?

Jeana Barthold from Queens, NY

"Sex in the City" is the one show that describes not just Jeanna's style, but the swagger that she and her girlfriends carry with them. This outfit is definately a double take outfit. The red cleopatra neck laced outfit is definately fit for a diva (notice the pose)....Her body language reads "tell me something good", not that the photog. opinion matters, because she already knows....she knows exactly what colors will work. The heavy hooped, gold ear pieces are perfect....bracelets that she chooses work as well. The ring on her finger is just enough and not too much.......the red outlined by the gold is perfect for her skin tone and props to whoever did the make up work....The hair ala you know who is sure fire..."Sexy" in the City is all you Jeanna , you're a showstopper!

Ndubuisi Nwade from Queens, NY

I've known this man going on 10 years now, and when it comes to putting an outfit together, he never dissapoints.......the boy has style, flare and commands you attention when he steps in the room (notice he does the same thing in this picture). The colors are not too abrasive or loud....simple. Clean cut is the hair cut, and like every grown man, he knows that your shoes and your blazer color better match up...The observant stance shows you that he appreciates what he is looking at, and is giving you a chance to appreciate him......Buisi, need I say more homie?