Friday, October 10, 2008

Insa Heels: Its Like "Sex In The City" meets "Beat Street"........I Like That One...

"The brand new line of London-based, limited-edition designs is the perfect marriage of sexy and edgy. The first collection consists of just three patterns, each printed onto the leather of round-toe, ten-centimeter stilettos then finished with a high gloss" me, if you're a sneakerhead, you definately understand.

"INSA's world is one where fetishism, desire and graffiti collide; through extensive street level work and fine art INSA has taken the iconic high heel image and made it his own, infusing a simple, yet clever, graphic 'logo' with meaning and relevance. High heels represent a myriad of different things to different people; sex, money, fashion, the battle between masculine and feminine sexuality, dominant and submissive, consumerism and object fetishism; all of which are themes actively explored in INSA's work. Heels themselves are often, of course, objects of desire and objets d'art in their own right"....I get turned on just reading this...

The fantasy of 'INSA HEELS' is now a reality...

What I'm buggin out on is the shere brilliance of combining femme-chic with "graph"....Pure SICKNESS!


SHANICKERS..........I'm Trying To Think of Something Smart......Oh Well!

"I create everything from my mind and my surroundings because I am an artist, and I MUST create!
Shannon Lynn Jernigan

If only you knew how jealous I am at the pure originality of that statement......LoL....Do you ever look at your room, apartment and think; "What can I do to make this place stand out?" Well this one is a real treat....Art that shows your originality and helps you express "you"! Anyone who can show me "monkey art" is cool with me......enjoy!


Fashion Alert: Ingwa; Melero..................."My Chick Burnin down Bergdorf"


Ingwa; Melero is crafted by the design team of Nike Ingwa Clausing and Tina Hernaiz Melero. Nike and Tina’s love of design began as childhood friends in a small town in Germany. Inspired by their mothers’ handcrafting books from the 70’s, they began making their own clothes at an early age. Soon, their hobby became obsession and they spent all of their free time designing outfits for themselves and their friends.

Nike’s passion led her to study tailoring at an haute couture house in Hamburg, Germany. She then went on to receive a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Tina also pursued her dream, receiving a master’s degree in graphic design from Fachhoch-schule in Duesseldorf, Germany. The draw of the New York fashion scene soon took hold of both Nike and Tina, leading them to move to NYC permanently in 2001, where they founded Ingwa; Melero.

Ingwa; Melero’s incorporation of traditional handcrafting techniques, with fitted feminine silhouettes, continues to capture attention of the New York fashion scene, as well as the rest of the nation. Ingwa; Melero can currently be found at Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman and numerous specialty boutiques in New York, Los Angeles and around the country....

Ahhhhh..........Oh How Art Steals My Heart!

210 Forsyth Street NYC 10002
Tues - Sat 12-7pm (till 5pm on Sunday)

"Kathie Olivas, creator of the wildly popular Scavengers, will be showing her original art from the current series at the My Plastic Heart store in New York City beginning October 17th until November 19th. The show will feature original smaller paintings, drawings and custom toys. Kathie herself will be at the opening on the 17th from 6-9, along with Brandt Peters, to discuss the dystopic charm behind her work" (shouts to tomopop).

This is going to be craaaaaaaazy! You all know how big of a vinyl fan I am, and how much I so dig artistic expression. This should definately be a good look. Below are some pieces designed by Kathie.......enjoy!

Fashion Alert: Claudia Schulz...........Crickett Anyone!

And you thought I lost my wit and banter.......Well today lovely people, I like to show you one of the most interesting, thought out concepts missing in fashion....."creative head-wear"...There was a time when a woman (and men as well), were seen as distinguished with the proper hat. Women wore hats not just for Church or Funerals, but because it complimented the outfit and it made them look BAD (in the good way)....So today, I bring you Claudia Schulz....

"Claudia Schulz grew up in Berlin, Germany and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1999. Her hat designs are inspired by European 1920’s and 1930’s styles. Each of Claudia’s pieces are uniquely designed based upon classic minimalist design principles showing simple lines, striking colours and refined accent details, creating a wearable, modern-urban hats"....(shouts to SD)...Enjoy the pics below:


Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around).........SICKNESS!

I'm not posting this with any extra added to my's just a very SICK track and one of my favorites......calm down, and enjoy!

Emperial Nation: Fall 08 Collection Launch.......

Shouts to the homey YellowRebel for this one......

Emperial Nation was created in New York City in 2007 by a group of streetwear connoisseurs. The pioneers of this lifestyle brand noticed a demand in the marketplace for sophisticated and meaningful designs inspired by historical events. The EN movement is dedicated to preserve history through the arts and giving it a new life through modern eyes of people who want to change their world.

Emperial Nation's next tee collection will be hitting stores shortly. This seasons first group takes inspiration from the great Harlem Renaissance era. Take a trip uptown with these original pieces that include images of Jack "Galveston Giant" Johnson, Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, and other strong images from that time in history.

To celebrate this release, Emperial Nation will be having it's very own release party, in collaboration with The Tastemakers Society, on October 16, 2008 at New York City's Gallery Bar located in the Lower East Side. From the hours of 7PM-10PM, Emperial Nation will be playing host to one of NYC's most exciting and happening spots. Two Hungry Brothers will be in the house spinning everything from old school R&B, electro-pop to underground hip hop. Those that come celebrate will be treated to gift bags, complimentary Sonu beverages and celebrity style photography sessions. Did we forget to mention the 7:30pm to 8:30pm open bar?! This is The Back to School event you don't want to miss!

Should be GREAT!