Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trailer for the New Incredible Hulk...................I Can't Wait!

I am what some people (haters) call a nerd or geek. I wear glasses, and yes I do enjoy wearing clothing that fit, and I can speak without asking "nahmean". I love cardigans, sneakers, and I grew up on cartoons, comic books in the hood. I love comic books and this year I am in great spirits.....Iron Man, The Upcoming Batman (RIP Heath), The Watchmen movie in 09, The Wolverine flick (with Deadpool & Gambit), and of course our favorite Green Man "The Incredible Hulk"....I liked the premise of the firs CGI movie, but they could've done better..........this Hulk doesn't look too bad at first glance....only time will tell!

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Yellow Rebel said...

don't worry bruh..some of us here grew up on comics and rap music as well. I can't say that I'm too thrilled about the Hulk movie after seeing this preview. Of course it is just a preview so who knows they might release a better one perhaps.