Friday, March 14, 2008

Some of My Favorite tv shows Growing Up...........Part 1 LoL!

I am a huge movie buff, but whenever I don't have a dvd in the player, I turn on the tv, but last night I was flipping throught the channels and I had to ask myself: "Self, what is going on with tv?" I woke up this morning and figure I compile some of my favorites growing up.......these is only part one!

Ghostwriter (I really enjoyed this one)

Reading Rainbow

Doug (The first interacial cartoon I enjoyed)

Darkwing Duck (Name one better)

My Brother and Me!

Power Rangers...........Now I look back at this..."we need teens with attitude"..smh!

Superhuman Samurai (don't judge me, because you had to at least watch one episode)

VR Troopers (I wanted this one to actually work, but man it sucked)

Big Bad Beetleborgs (what else can I say about this that hasn't been said about Iraq!)

Chip n Dale/ Rescue Rangers (Loved this one)

TailSpin (Forever a favorite opening)


Chrissy said... brought it back...GHOSTWRITER was my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ditaur said...

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Yellow Rebel said...

YOOO I was working on a blog with a similar theme!!!! I had a long list of TV shows/cartoons that I used to watch when I was younger. Most of the shows are probably forever forgotten by the masses (does anyone remember Ronin Warriors?). I'll let you know when I post that. Man i watched waaayy to much TV as a kid