Thursday, February 21, 2008

Be Kind, Rewind...................How would you like to be the star?

"French arthouse director MICHEL GONDRY calls DEITCH PROJECTS home when he’s in NYC, so it made perfect sense upon his newest film’s release this week, “Be Kind, Rewind,” that he should recreate the movie’s artfully low-fi sets within Deitch’s cavernous exhibition space and allow fans to run amok, shooting their very own movies as they went, thus transforming the art world into a “fun” place, if only for one nite. Gondry’s transformation of the space was complete, right down to the gallery’s facade which became the movie’s video store for the occasion and in turn drew a line more than a block long that lasted throughout the evening, despite the subzero temperatures outside. That’s dedication"(shouts to Supertouchblog).I honestly cannot wait to see this film and the "Mighty Mos" with Jack (Nacho Libre is ridiculously funny) Black make a wonderful odd couple for our generation. What a wonderful way to bring bring art to the masses:


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