Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.............."A Lady in The Streets", and she leaves it at that!

Sheonah out of Brooklyn

I posted up two pics of this young woman for two reasons:
1) I haven't posted up a Pic of the day since Friday (damn you HP)
2) I wanted to show a correlation in her style!

The first pic is exactly what it is, the picture of (Shaneneh voice) "A Lady" in all her classiness. She is not showing innocence because of the chosen colors (black and red), but what she is showing is class and understanding of what sits right on her. The colors are easy on the eyes, but what catches me is the swagger in this picture...we don't have a clear idea of the dress she is wearing (one can only dream), but we have the shoes, the coat, the handbag and the hair style.....Can you judge from that? I can, and I say (borat) "thats NICE".....

My reasons for the second pic is to show you that this girl can flip it as well......we go from the "singing in the rain" stance (sans rain) to this urban chick from the city look...the colors may be bright colors, but she somehow keeps it light so its easy on the eyes....the hairstyle is different so I'm pretty sure she keeps you guessing in this aspect, but you know why I really like this pic? It comes with its own title, dig?

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