Friday, February 22, 2008

Lucky Spotlight........................"Worth A Thousand Words"

Today is my day to showcase the talented right out of our very own back yards.......I'd like to start off with a very good friend of mine, Ms. Beverly Meneses (we went to H.S. together, but it took my Sis to reintroduce us), who views the world in a way you cannot, because then who would view you! We were actually talking about what I can use as far as color is concerned on my site, and we just started conversing on the state of music, life and of course Art:

Lucky: What, did you expect me to post your pics with no info?
Ms. Bev: Aight go ahead

Lucky: (Laughter)............a simple question to give me insight to how you think: What are the inspirations behind your pictures?
Ms. Bev: mostly color. how certain colors mix and blend and contrast with one another.....people, lifestyle..most of the time.. the things that i see and perceive that are beautiful .. most people dont...dude is it one of those pics that my cousin is in?

(y'all know I had to do it)

Lucky: you want that posted?
Ms. Bev: Nah I was just curious if that was one

Lucky: I know you are a huge music fan, fill me in on what you listen to on the typical:
Ms. Bev: Old school and hip hop ranging from the 70-s to mid 90s...funk, soul, break beats, old school r&b....r&b from the 90s....salsa, merengue, bachata, to dance hall, to reggaeton to jazz and classical.......of course underground hip hop with exceptions to certain hip hop artists out right now...I love common, the roots, talib kweli, kanye, pharoahe monch, little brother and ghost face

This Reminds me Of Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

Lucky: Nice collection............I'm pretty sure these sounds play a huge role on your work, right?
Ms. Bev: Yeah because id rather go roam the rural areas, projects, and take pictures there then go take pictures in long island. Id love to go to europe and take pics of writers tagging up trains .. justl ike how martha cooper use to do back in the 70s and 80s when people were actually capable of tagging up trains then

Lucky: Nowadays with the resurgence in "Retro", do you feel that era will ever get its due?
Ms. Bev: With the way music is now and what this generation considers as "music" probably not. Then again with artists such as john legend alicia keys, they bring that old type of soul feeling

Lucky: You grew up in Queens....What led you to Photography??
Ms. Bev: Yup queens villlll. I guess being around the camera since I was young and if it wasnt me behind the cam taking the pics, it was my parents shoving me in front of the pics.

Lucky: When did you notice your talent in this field?
Ms. Bev: Eh I guess I really started getting into it 2003
Lucky: Almost 5 years later and voila, right?
Ms. Bev: Yup... pop goes the weasel. I own like 6 cameras

Lucky: ..............they all operate perfectly right?
Ms. Bev: Yeah but now my shutter on my 35mm canon ae-1 is acting up so i gotta get that fix (goes on a rant) freaking self -timer man.. one minute its working and the next its not.
Lucky: Since I know nothing about cameras............I'll just nod, ok?
Ms. Bev: (Laughther), ok!

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