Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back On The Scene.....................Lucky Brings you Art by Will Murai!

Ladies and Fellowmen, I appologize! I was stuck all weekend in NC on business and that was the perfect time for my laptop to glitch up on me. But no problemo, your boy is back, and abstract as ever. To start off my return to my wonderful home and my wonderful office, I bring you what LuckyLoves.....Art! "Will Murai, born in São Paulo, Brasil has worked with Marvel Comics, Dc Comics, Camiseteria, and many others. His works consists of painting and illustrating a lot of women figures in different aspects and situations ranging from pinup girls, to old embarrassing school portraits, among others. This man knows how to define sexy in his illustration, go take a peep at some of his stuff, you’ll understand". I would like to thank formatmag for informing your boy on this kid, and honestly the boy has got skills........check out some of his pics below and a link to the website as well:

Check out the site, click

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