Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For You SneakerHeads, and Art Enthusiasts..............Sole What?

First introduced by Nike in 1985, the Dunk was launched in the colors of the top 8 US College men's basketball teams (bet y'all didn't know that). Drawing inspiration from its heritage, Nike's new re-mastering of the Dunk sees a return to its original, high-contrast colorways of red, blue, white, yellow, orange, grey and black. Shouts to Sneakerfreaker on the knowledge. Now onto what I am trying to get across. Now Sole What? is internationally known as an HQ for you sneaker fiends out there, and Dave White will be there! Who is Dave White you ask? Born in Liverpool (that is not in NY folks!) in 1971, White who is a sneaker head like most of you had his first solo exhibition at 18. In 02, my man decided to paint his sneaker collection, leading to international exhibitions. See that, you can do something with your sneaker knowledge other than spark conversations with other sneaker heads. Check out some of Dave's work below:

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