Monday, March 3, 2008

Get your "Shoe" game up............please, no more LV's or Gucci Prints Fellas......"Throw on a Suit, get it Tapered Up"

Barker Black
198 Elizabeth Street
New York, Ny 10012

Stop buying those prada sneaks....please stop! No more Gucci print sneakers, and the LV's that you're sporting now are no bueno. Can we get our grown man on fellas? Lets do it for the ladies, dig?

"Barker Black was founded as the modern alternative to Men’s shoes and accessories. With their sleek design and time-tested construction, Barker Black shoes and accessories have a playful spirit but are appropriate in even the strictest workplace. The subtle details that make the wearer feel unique are so well incorporated into the design of the collection; they would be difficult for others to notice. Little touches like a crown cutout on a traditional penny loafer or the delicate broguing on the toe in the shape of a crowned skull and crossbones, the Barker Black logo, offer the finest in subversive sophistication".

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