Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day................Still Fine Tuning Some Things!

I am still fine tuning the tweeks on our "Lucky Pic" feature, but just for today I'm bringing y'all the homie Kathy, because I love this Pic:

LuckysinLove.com embraces individuality, and not conformity. We are all a collective that don't create a melting pot, but a stew because we maintain our individual flavor. Kathy is her own person, and this pose is her own, and that is what we will start here. Starting manana, LuckysinLove.com will be more interactive and you the reader will have a shot at voting and letting me know what you feel about the Lucky Pic of the day.......see Kathy today? wait till you see what we have in store!

Thank you Kathy, for keeping your "flava"!

Btw, her outfit is similar to yesterdays post from "Ryu Ryu"...I Love It!

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