Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"These Drunk and Hot Girls".................La, La, La, La.......

“I’ll sober up when I’m behind the wheel”

"We’ve gotta hand it to whatever agency created these ads for ARRIVE ALIVE, an anti-drunk driving organization that plans to install these stickers of—to borrow a phrase from Kanye—”drunk & hot girls” in sexually explicit states of drunkenness in men’s & women’s bathrooms in major cities in what must be an attempt to deter “Girls Gone Wild” types from getting behind the wheel after a nite behind the Margarita bong. We’ve already seen the men’s room version in person here in LA and can only imagine what homegirl must have been drinking to crawl into the little boy’s room and set up camp next to the urinals. The money shot is definitely the backdoor view of honey’s thong as she coughs it up in the ladie’s room stall. We can only imagine the amazing bathroom graffiti these sleezy decals are going to inspire…" (Shouts to Supertouch on this one)

“I just need to get it out of my system”


Secretista said...

Very powerful.

Mayzie said...

yo lucky these ads are siiiick!!!