Friday, March 7, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day..................Back On The Scene!

Johanna Desrosiers

It's 08, and Lucky is back on the scene with the team and pockets full of green.......joking people...I had to come back with a bang, and thanks to Johanna, I have two pictures that are straight FIRE. There are many reasons I chose these pictures and we can go from the colors she chooses, and how she matches them up with accesories, but you wanna know my main reason? She is officially "herself"....LuckysinLove promotes creativity and individualism, and she is displaying both of these in the pictures above. Her style is just that, "her style" plus lets face it, she's got a way with colors....there are clearly no gimmicks because the girl does her thing (accesories included)

Thank you Johanna for getting me back on the scene......

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Chrissy said...

def like her style