Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day..................The Lost Art of the Sweater Vest (part 2)

Muldy From Queens, NY

Tuesday is officially being renamed in my book. Tuesdays are now Sweater Vestdays! I love sweater vest, and for those of you who know me, I have a pretty sicks argyle and sweater vest collection. I've known this dude since Middle School, and he has that grown man thing, you know? This sweater vest is exceptionally fire. The acc. that he uses are perfect. Do you see the shine on this kid. Look at that tie....seriously, is this mad not doing it something awful right now? I don't even have to see the whole outfit because all I need is that sweater vest. I know you weren't talking to anyone either homie. Muldy, I have no words homie!

Thank you Muldy for this one...........

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