Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucky Loves Art................More Wilfrid Wood!

"Frends inspire me, as do people on the street, pictures on the internet, freaks, contortionists, fashion, fat bodies, different races, sexy bodies, animals, androgyny and the East.......I don't understand those people who get inspired by drugs or alcohol; as soon as I have either I stop caring about my work entirely."

"People look funny. We all have the same basic facial features, but even then, it’s incredible how even just a slight size difference in someone’s honker can set them oceans apart from the next Joe Schmoe. Wilfred Wood noticed these curious anomalies, too. Part caricature, part figments of his imagination and part ideas gotten while working out, his sculpted interpretations of people, animals and creatures are his personal examination of the world’s individuals."
Joshspear on Wilfrid Wood's work.

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