Monday, February 25, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day............The World Is Your Runway....Use It!

Kim out of Brooklyn, NY

I can already hear you now "Why these pics Lucky?".....To answer this question, look at the title of this post...ok, now look at the pics again. This girl uses the world for what it should be, a canvas. Her style is the paint that makes the canvas a masterpiece. My two favorite pics are above. The first pic is basically what my Sis does, a matching of like colors but making each color stand on its own. The beaded bracelet on her wrist is a plus on the accesories side of things, and do remember the band, and the belt. Both pics show you "her shoe game proper. The second pic is just too nice. From the pose, to the dress, the shoes and the beret, she lacks nothing. I usually go on a rant after asking "What influences your style?", but I was so impressed with her answer that I think I'll just let Kim tell you:

"People are normally invisble..that is untill they do acts that to others seem outrageous and overly style is just style is invisible acts that somehow get overseen...i am inspired by different reactions i get from others. What one would be to afraid to do, I am curious to go there as other trendsetters have done in the to call myself a trendsetter would be to call me just being me would be on point".....exactly!

Thank you Kim, for embracing the spotlight!

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