Friday, March 21, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.....................Why Follow Trends When You Can Set Them?

Daleena Part Deux.....

I told you yesterday was just a sample.......I feel like Flex today (I'm dropping Bombs on y'all...LoL) Daleena's style is exactly what we look for on LuckysinLove...It's fresh, it's's her! As you all know the question is always; What inspires your style? When I get a great response, I never add my 2cents, because that would be senseless, dig?

"well when it comes 2 my personal style, i just goes wit what feels right, some may not like some of the things i put 2gether and that is 1 of the reasons i feel my style is very unique.....i try not 2 find myself following certain trends and what the "people" say is hott, i usually put an outfit 2gether in my head and once that happens u cant really tell me 2 much after that LOL!!! the biggest factor that comes into play when i put my outfits 2gether is COLORS i love them all.....hate 2 wear very dark and dull colors cuz then thats the way i will feel (even in that pic u posted there wasnt really 2 many colors involved but i had 2 throw in 2 different color bangles just 2 stick wit my whole way of thinkin when it comes 2 me and colors) i love life so i try 2 show it thru the many different colors i wear. believe it or not people react 2 colors, if u see me on a everyday basis u will probably say wow this girl doesnt have a care in the world and she is def lovin life and thats what i always try 2 portray..."

With answers like this, need I say more?

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