Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.................."Mirror, Mirror"

Ashley Glover out of NY

" I love clothes from different decades, I feel like nothing goes out of style, everything just has its turn around the world of fashion... like high waist jeans, platform mary janes thats hot to me
Ashla1: skinny jeans is from the eighties, ankle boots, cinch belts, (which are my favorite), pencil skirts...its all been donebefore in other decades and now its back around for its second or third time in the spotlight". This was the answer to what influences your style. This young woman clearly has a very good eye for history and its effects on the worlds of art and fashion. Look at the first picture....you see that clasiness? That can't just be put together.....The look, the vibe you get when you see her in this outfit comes naturally. The second picture is what I call a "gimme"........the colors I love....na'an too bright, and put together to make a sick outfit.....nails did....accesories, check....the funny thing is that this outfit is simple enough for the mall and good enough for a comedy club night on the town.......

Now Mirrors being in both pictures is ironic, and I love it because who doesn't check themselves out when they're "doing it"?

Thank you Ashley for keeping with your history!

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KC!! said...

I will have to agree with you James on this one. Both outfit are nicely choose. My favourite piece: brown leather jacket!!!!

Props for Ashley, nails and hair are proper!