Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day...................Just A Preview Of Whats To Come!

Daleena.......What more can I say?

I've been interviewing people like crazy this week, and was out and about in NY conversing with people about not just individual style but their views on where we are headed in the worlds of art and fashion. LuckysinLove is interviewing you the people, and our voices will be heard, dig?
I can go into a description on todays pic, but I like her style and look so much that I had to post something for y'all.....What else can I say about this woman besides "She's got it down to a T"...She doesn't dress to conform, and there isn't an outfit she doesn't rock the H out of. Her look is not Retro, and although she can glam the H out of an outfit, I don't think thats the look either......You'll get the full thing upon the interview because I already stated, I'm only postin one pic of her just to give y'all a taste of whats to come.......and since I'm embracing art and free expression today, what other picture will do, huh?

LuckysinLove with your style Daleena, and thank you for keeping it "you"!

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