Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"White People Will Be Picking Cotton.....Within 3 Years" Early 08, and already an idiot comment of the year candidate?

I never let the race thing get to me. I try to keep my head above the clouds because ignorance can never touch the heavens, but when I watch a video like this, I can't help but scratch my head. What kind of comments is this guy making? Maybe the reason you're not getting recognized is because you're still "the wee-e-zel", and todays demographic doesn't know WHO THE H YOU ARE!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!
A guy like Dane Cook has sold out shows across the Country, and has been in the game since 1995 isn't complaining.....Tony Roberts, Rob Stapleton.......are all black comedians that have been in the game for as long or even longer than Dane Cook, and their doing what we black entrepreneurs know how to do, grind it out until you're recognized for your own special. His comments on the Presidential race are also ignorant.......I can't speak more on this subject, but you tell me what you think.....and below it is a talented brother who lost his life just as he gained a little recognition in the comedy game......

RiP Rasheed Thurmond

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