Monday, April 14, 2008

3sixteen...............I'm not playing people.......I'm stepping my game up big time!

Purveyors of classily menacing tees and hoodies, NY-based 3S was founded by a former IT consultant who now is bringing you "techie fashion" (my phrase again)...even though many of their tee shirts are graphic tee's (who isn't doing graphic tees?), they've also managed to bring you a nice variety including hoodies that are made of lightweight fleece sewn into black or "grey nylon aviator vests, and sport meticulously constructed hoods: triple stitched to fall gracefully, and surrounded by a reinforced, poppable collar"...these words were debted from Thrill (I couldn't find my own on that last line)

Every week, I've somehow introduced you to new brands that catch my eye. Although my views are merely subjective, the response I've been getting from you all have boosted my confidence and my love in the art and fashion world to the point that I am stepping it up BIG TIME....


The 3Sixteen Roxanne........This Jacket is so Sick, it deserves its own post....seriously!

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