Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Really Can't Stand Reality T.V............and I just found my new target, BET!!!


I remember a time when BET stood out among channels as a channel that provided quality programming, and not playing up to stereotypes.....We did have our quirky shows such as Hits From The Streets, and I know you remember the digital diva Cita....but BET is no longer that channel...We are offering programming that is not only playing up to the stereotype of Black People through the recycling of MTV shows that targeted a suburban lifestyle, but making the "Gangsta" or "More Black"?

My first target to shoot at is this season of College Hill........Last night, my homie Ashley and I conversed on this one....Instead of providing a program that shows College Students actually studying or going to Class, we are showing them wasting grocery money on strippers, fightin, cursing like they have no sense, and of course partying........I was watching "TruTV" when I flipped the channel to this BS......Beside the quality specials honoring legends in the game, and Meet the Faith (two things that show positivity for black people), we have nothing of quality on this channel........This is what happens in College on Reality T.V. people.........forget pursuing a degree when you can just make it rain, and listen to producers yell cut, and ask you to liven things up........I will continue this assault on BET, and I will need all of your support on this one......if we stand for nothing, we'll fall for everything and honestly we're on one leg now!

Why eat, when we can hire strippers for the night?

Why not join them, right? There goes the theory of Women being smarter than Men, huh?

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