Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.....................A Family Affair!

Kerline out of MA

You didn't think Family would be exempt did you? I've been in my thinking tank for the last couple of days, thinking of ways to bring you the best of LuckysinLove.com. I've been trying to stay current with the pics and getting everything from meetings to interviews together, and I will be posting up a few this week as well.

As for the picture, I bring you another member of my family.....My cuzo gets down in this picture. Its simply white because she did it for Easter Sunday, but the splash of color is na'an too bright to throw you off, but just enought to grab your attention (ahem, the olive shoes).....She gives you just enough. The hair is cool, more of a "soho bobb" (Lucky's term), and the make up is simple enought to highlight her features and not too much to put a mask on her. I love the coat...Innocent with the look, and simple with the colors....this is just a taste for y'all, because this will get even more beautiful tomorrow.

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