Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Converse/ Lupe Fiasco- Product (ReD) Chucks...........THESE ARE SiCkNeSS!

I hope you all remember the post I did last week of the Dr. Romenelli band-aid inspired 1Hund(Red) Chucks (whew), because theeeeere's more! I told you to look out for all the artist inspired chucks (My favorite kicks of ALL TIME of course). Thanks to COMPLEX on this one, because LuckysinLove with this one......the issue is that Converse has not scheduled a release date on these, and I'm kinda bummed out, because its for a good cause and I am 100% sure that this sneaker will garner so much attention that it will outsell any others in the market, period! Check out the pics below:

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