Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucky Pic of the day.............When Did We Stop Smiling in Pics, huh?

Mayzie From Brooklyn

Colors are pure perfection in this picture, because she clearly knows what colors will sit right on/ with her. From the shoes (rustic gold) the the jewelry which is kept at a minumum, to the knited top that is just an addition to help define her style. I could go on a rant detailing every single thing in this picture, but I'd rather not go over EVERYTHING. First thing I need you to look at is the header on this picture, then I need you to look at what she's doing in this picture, smiling. Smiles have actually become rare in photography, and when you do see them, they actually looked forced. Does she look like she's forcing this smile?

Thank you Mayzie for being truly happy!

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Buddy Love said...

tell shorty to get at me cause she a good look right there