Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Chill Spot For You Mature/ Sophisticated Smokers???

Inside Nat Sherman: 12 E 42nd St, between 5th and Madison; 1-800-MY-CIGAR

I do not smoke, and I most definately will never be a fan of someone blowing smoke anywhere around me, but I was pleasantly surprised by this spot. Step into Nat's elevator, and descend into a dimly-lit, slate-floored lounge stocked with premium liquor and plush chairs/sofas; adjoining is a wood-paneled, climate-controlled room honeycombed with rentable humidors, each holding up to 300 cigars, a few already reserved for luminaries like Joe Torre, Robert Downey, Jr, and various celbrities. This fact alone makes this spot worth the visit. It gives you the feel of "Old New York"......A city with enlightened gentlemen who can sit back with a "fat one" and converse on prosperity and good times. Lucky may hate smoking, but he loves good times.

Visit the Nat-Sherman website for specials HERE

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