Thursday, November 6, 2008

BETA spaces 08................Someone Might Be Going Out On A Date!

BETA Spaces
(Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces)

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 2008 from 11am to 7pm
BETA Spaces is a day of multi-disciplinary group art shows, which encourages artists to transform the private and public spaces of Bushwick into exhibition spaces: living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, studios, streets, subways, sidewalks, and gardens. The festival will take place within a 10-block triangle south of Johnson Street, east of Bushwick Avenue, and west of Jefferson Avenue. The compact geographic nature of the festival is designed to provide the public an unbeatable opportunity to visit dozens of venues and experience hundreds of artists within a short period of time. (In comparison, our annual Bushwick Open Studios Festival (BOS) usually features 100+ locations spread geographically across 3 square miles!)

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