Friday, November 7, 2008

Fashion Update.................Nelli by Janice Jaraicie....Me Likes!

What I love about this brand is how it seems to fit on the model. Some of you are probably wondering what I mean.....well, this is a brand and style that seems to work well for the fully figured woman....the active woman....the ball player...the track and field star....The model is definately toned, and her shoulders show you that she stays active....yet the clothing sit so perfectly on her that her activity is not seen up front....just beauty lined with beautiful clothing.
But don't think Nelli is only for the active woman, because their website caters to all women and shows a sophistication and simplicity through color.....enjoy!

Check out the Fall collection byNELLI

Taken from Nelli's website:

"Born in Hong Kong, raised in both Saudi Arabia and Montreal, Canada, and having established the successful Nelli clothing line while living in San Diego, California; Janice Jaraicie’s dynamic make up has guided her creativity to be translated in the clothing she designs. Inspired by the classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and ingenuity of modern day divas Betsy Johnson and Carolina Herrera; Janice Jaraicie crafts with the feminine, confident, graceful woman in mind. A love for world travel, music, sports cars, and the ability to speak four languages, this glamour girl lives life to the fullest and has a talent that demands the attention of the fashion world. Quality natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, and wool blends are used to create the quality that allow for each piece to contour the female body; the epitome of comfort and style. Fashion trends are merely guidelines; individual taste for simplicity, sophistication, and style embody the elements of what is Nelli by Janice Jaraicie."

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