Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The World As Seen Through Your Mouth..........I Just Had to Repost This!

As one of the world’s leading pinhole photographers, Justin Quinnell takes the technique to new extremes. The results are surreal, revealing, and hilarious. He captures on film his visit to the dentist, portraits of friends and family, and the everyday acts of having a bath, cleaning his teeth, and eating his dinner. More surreal are the landscapes, the icons of world travel; included are the Lincoln Memorial and the Twin Towers

Photographer Justin Quinnell captures these interesting perspectives by placing a pinhole camera in his mouth. Art has always been a true love of mine and I really enjoy reading on new artist and this one grew on me because you never really think about viewing the world from that perspective.

Justin Quinnell is a recognized expert on pinhole photography and has tirelessly promoted it for over twenty years. He regularly lectures on it........"Watch Ya Mouth"!

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