Monday, November 19, 2007

Why do I do this?

I always feel as if I have to put my 2cents in, but others want me to short change myself, so they rather pay me a penny for my thoughts......These words have stood the test of time....yet traveled over words less traveled by many and viewed by so few.....these thought are the manifestation of all these feelings burning deep......for no reason, I choose words to provoke negative feelings in people who are optimistic and bring happiness to those who find peace alone and in darkness.......I've been called conceited, some say I think to highly of myself.....Shiiit, If I don't, I doubt they'd be anyone else......who thinks highly of me, but me.....he who has been searching for she, and left broken hearted by her, and comforted by many who feels he deserves better than what he settled for.........I live my alone knowing that loneliness is only considered a burden, because it is carried by one, but I feel this burden is necessary for some......This ball and chain is mine to bear, but I smile........knowing that, sooner than later, it will all be when you read these thoughts and think I'm full of myself......remember, my views are clearly portray how I see the world, na'an else!

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