Monday, November 19, 2007

"What is Love? Baby don't hurt Me"

"I was the typical nice guy that women would only ever see a 'friend' type. It sucked and to even be more candid - it was a very lonely life to be living.
I remember coming home one night, returning from 'after-work drinks' and my older sister asked me, "So Dan, did you pick up tonight?" I looked down and shrugged my eyebrows, letting her know that it was another uneventful night in terms of women.
Although her reply was meant to be supportive, it sparked a fire inside of me that led me to completely change my dating life (to the point where women now try to pick ME up) and get so good with women, that I have now become a highly-acclaimed dating coach and expert author on the subject. My sister's reply?
"Don't worry, you're a nice guy…the right girl will come along one day. There's no hurry..." Argh! I hated hearing that."


The above is an opening by Dan Bacon, a "nice guy" who was left heart broken after a 4 year relationship with his then girlfriend. Dan subsequently shifted gears and chose another approach to women, but is that truly necessary?
Is chivalry really dead? And if it is, what killed it?
I have been fighting this for a while and I chose to attack this problem head on. When a woman says she wants a nice guy, Mr. Bacon came to this as what "they" are not looking for:

Is nervous around her

Is always nice to her, like he would be to his grandmother

Calls her too often

Tells her that he has 'feelings' for her too early

Behaves submissively or weakly around her

Always accepts her demands, just so she will spend time with him or continue talking to him

Becomes her doormat and puts his own needs aside

Listens to all of her problems and discusses them in the way her girlfriends would

Gives away his power to her, and allows her to become the boss

Always asks what she wants to do, instead of being a man for her and taking the lead.

The above may be a list of all negatives, but Mr. Bacon does satisfy by noting what he feels she is referring to. A man who:

Is confident around her & her friends

Knows how to flirt

Knows how to behave like a 'challenge'

Takes on the masculine role in the interaction or relationship

Respects her and likes her, but also gives plenty of time and attention to his life
and what he's achieving/trying to achieve

Can use humor in an attractive way

Is confident around other guys

Ladies, please let me know what type of man a woman truly wants. LuckysinLove has recieved a lot of feedback, but I'm only getting it face2face, but now I feel that I have a full swing on this blog thing, and Lucky is lookin for feedback.....

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