Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lucky Loves Art................And I Love Legos (I can't help it)

In the 3rd grade, I was the victim of a very severe car accident involving a drunk driver. During my time of recovery, I remember getting the greatest gift in the world (besides the love of my family and friends of course) and that would be my favorite toys, legos! Legos are the perfect tool for art in my opinion. The same way as clay, they start off as a mound or heap (hah, can't believe I finally used that word) of nothing into something beautiful. Below are a few intricate lego art pieces I've noticed lately. The first being a collection of ballparks built of Lego I've been admiring on The second set are a few classic scenes captured in photography recreated by artist Mike Stimpson (I was going to post this first but "HE" beat me to it).

Camden Yards - Baltimore Orioles

Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia Phillies

Yankee Stadium - New York Yankees (Where are My METS???)

BRILLIANCE recreated by artist Mike Stimpson!!!

Tiananmen Square

V.J. Day Times Square

Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare

Death of a Loyalist Soldier

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