Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who says Polos are for men?..............Canterbury of New Zealand

I realized something I love to see on a woman as I was sitting down and drawing the other night, Polo shirts. Its not just the act of wearing a polo shirt, but the basic fact that the women who choose to wear these shirts have a sick swag (plus, I honestly think that women and only women should be able to get away with the popped collar look). Anyway in my search for the best female polos, I wanted to stray away from Ralph Lauren (need I say more?). So I went to one of my bookmarked sites Canterbury of New Zealand to shop for myself, and I remembered that they have a sick collection for ladies as well. Ranging from the classic short sleeved to long sleeved polo shirts, Canterbury of New Zealand has stayed relevant in the rugby shirt/ uniform game since 1904. They have expanded their collection to even include a range of checked and striped buttondowns, cargo/board shorts, pants, merino sweaters, and track jackets. Witness the sickness below:


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