Friday, November 9, 2007

Grant Barnhart

Born in Topeka, Grant Barnhart (a.k.a. Tra Selhtrow) grew up in Lawrence Kansas. After attending Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, he moved to Seattle Washington to pursue an illustration and fine arts career. Barnhhart works with various mediums ranging from graphite and oil to screen-printing. Barnhart’s illustrations and artwork have been featured in diverse publications such as Arkitip, The Deal, Wax Poetic, L.A. Weekly, Law of Inertia, and d.i.w. to name a few. As Barnhart further establishes himself as an illustrator he continues to progress as a fine artist. Over the course of the last year an increasing demand for his talents have allowed Grant to display his work in shows in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Portland and Australia.

Barnhhart’s compositions layer graphite, ink, and oil into distorted narratives inhabited by lucid animals, humans, and often a cross between the two. Barnhart frames the subtle abstraction of human emotion into works that confide and conceal themselves before the viewer. Precise ink strokes are visited by unapologetic paint smears while faint graphite drawing fade into the background. Barnhart’s works exhibit diligent craft and an eagerness to explore the possibilities of his mediums.

Check out some of his pieces below:

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