Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashion Alert: Claudia Schulz...........Crickett Anyone!

And you thought I lost my wit and banter.......Well today lovely people, I like to show you one of the most interesting, thought out concepts missing in fashion....."creative head-wear"...There was a time when a woman (and men as well), were seen as distinguished with the proper hat. Women wore hats not just for Church or Funerals, but because it complimented the outfit and it made them look BAD (in the good way)....So today, I bring you Claudia Schulz....

"Claudia Schulz grew up in Berlin, Germany and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1999. Her hat designs are inspired by European 1920’s and 1930’s styles. Each of Claudia’s pieces are uniquely designed based upon classic minimalist design principles showing simple lines, striking colours and refined accent details, creating a wearable, modern-urban hats"....(shouts to SD)...Enjoy the pics below:


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